10 reasons why I started Out&About Marketing

10 reasons why I started Out&About Marketing

  1. Because I’m passionate about honest marketing and social media and believe that if done right it really works.
  2. Because I’m tired of shitty marketing and bad customer service.
  3. Because the social web is changing the world and businesses will adapt or die. Some businesses need to die. It’s OK.
  4. Because people need great products and services and amazing companies want to sell their products and services.
  5. Because I believe the biggest marketing channel is Word of Mouth. Word of Mouth Works. Social Media facilitates Word of Mouth.
  6. Because companies can save a lot of money with the right web tools and technology. In this economy, saving money on your marketing is crucial to the success of your company. Don’t save money to just save money. Market the right way. Be aggressive. Now is the time to stand out.
  7. Because the tools exist but the people who know how to use them really well are not there or are very expensive.
  8. Because it takes a lot of time to learn what I already know.
  9. Because not everyone can afford a big agency and not everyone needs it.
  10. Because I want to create brilliant, remarkable, outstanding marketing campaigns for talkable brands.

So staying up late at night and working on weekends doesn’t bother me. I’m doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. I consider myself lucky. Very lucky. How about you? What are you passionate about?

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  1. Bret Simmons

      |   reply

    I love #2 🙂

    How about #11: Because most of the agencies preach something they don’t actually practice. They are very good at selling people too lazy to learn the difference a solution they themselves have never implemented.

    gosh, did I just say most agencies selling SM are bogus?

    Keep up the great work! Bret

  2. Nick Cruit

      |   reply


    For someone interested in making the leap into social marketing, what should I be reading and who should I be following?


    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Hi Nick,
      you can start with my blogroll and go from there. Mashable.com is also a great resource. And of course, you should sign up for the Out&About Marketing email newsletter so you don’t miss an update.

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