10 social media tools we love

10 social media tools we love

Social media tools are necessary to be effective and efficient, reduce time spent on social networks and help achieve your business goals. Here’s a list of 10 social media tools we use on a regular basis.


1. HootSuite: http://bit.ly/17hBFIS The cockpit for your social media marketing efforts, it connects to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+. It’s excellent for team collaboration and multiple accounts management. Why we like it: Save time, get organized, improve your social media marketing and listen proactively. This is a must for everyone serious about their social media efforts.


hootsuite as social media management platform

2. SocialOomph: https://www.socialoomph.com/ Automate certain updates to your social networks. Although we are not a big fans of automation, you may have green content or blog posts that you may want to send out more than once. Why we like it: Save time.


socialoomph to optimize tweets


3. Mention: https://en.mention.net/  An excellent online listening tool that allows you to monitor the entire web (sources include: Web, Facebook, Twitter, News, Blogs, Videos, Forums and Images. Monitor any keywords related to you, your brands, your companies or your competitors and include similar spelling keywords or exclude keywords that are not related to your search. Collaborate with other team members and assign tasks or mentions for follow up. It also comes with nice analytics built into it. Why we like it: Brand reputation monitoring and engagement.

mention for social media monitoring


4. SocialBro: https://www.socialbro.com/ An extremely powerful Twitter community management platform, it allows you to identify influencers and keep tabs on them, improve your followers, track your competitors, expand your community and engage your audience on Twitter. Why we like it: Twitter is a very powerful social network if you use it wisely. This tool helps you get better at Twitter for business.

social bro for Twitter community management


5. PostPlanner: http://www.postplanner.com/ Get Results with your Facebook Posts. Post Smarter, more Engaging Content in Less Time. Manage ALL your Pages & Groups from one place in Facebook. Why we like it: Save time, create more engaging content on Facebook, and watch your engagement rate increase. Extra bonus: They have an awesome blog.

postplanner for facebook management


6. PageLever: http://pagelever.com/. Meaningful analytics, reporting and focus on the newsfeed. The platform has live and historical data with easy to use charts and graphs. If you are serious about Facebook marketing, this platform is extremely valuable. Why we like it: Rich, deep data about Facebook pages help you get better and saves you time pulling Facebook Insights, although Facebook may get better in the future.

pagelever for facebook marketing

And here’s the live preview: 

pagelever live




7. Google Analytics: A free tool that every website needs to install to allow for easy monitoring of traffic, including social traffic. Create goals and conversions and track where your revenue is coming from. Why we like it: Free and powerful online marketing analytics and tracking.


google analytics

8. Buffer: https://bufferapp.com/ Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and they will automagically share posts for you through the day. It connects with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the entry level is free. There are also nice analytics built into it. Why we like it: Save time and share awesome content with your networks without inundating them all at once.


social media tools buffer


9. Pocket: http://getpocket.com A fantastic and easy way to save articles you run across on all of your devices into one place for easy access. It helps keep your organized with tags and now you can share your articles with another team member, you can go back to your content if you need to or mark articles as read. You can always come back and share the articles to your social networks. Why we like it: Keeps you organized, minimizes distractions, saves you time.




10. Likealyzer:  http://likealyzer.com/ A free tool that scores your Facebook page and gives you specific actionable items on what you can do to improve your Facebook Marketing. Why we like it: It’s free and can be used as a benchmark. Rank yourself against your competitors.

likelyzer for facebook marketing


How about you? What are your favorite online and social media tools? Please, share them with us in the comments below.

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