10 Travel Websites CTAs or Call to Action Ideas You Can Steal Today

10 Travel Websites CTAs or Call to Action Ideas You Can Steal Today

Good website design for travel brands includes taking your customer on a journey while getting them to take certain action. By creating calls to action or CTAs on your travel website you can choose what your visitors do. Travel websites CTAs or Calls to Action can be designed to entertain, educate, inform, sell, capture an email, etc. Below are examples from travel and lifestyle brands CTAs or calls to action I found interesting. Get inspired by them and create your own calls to action on your website.

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Travel websites CTA 1: Join the Rewards Program/ Loyalty Program on your website example from Marriott Hotels

Marriott website call to action

A loyalty program is a great way to get people to sign up for your value driven email communication plus let them enjoy special privileges. Airlines and credit cards understand the power of points and loyalty programs. You can use a loyalty program to encourage extended stays, upgrades, free nights, encourage midweek business, spa discounts, food and beverage discounts and so much more.

Travel Websites CTA 2: Special discount example from Expedia

website call to action

People love to feel special and will give you their email address if they think they will receive something in return that is specific to them. Travel agencies use calls to action to grab email addresses so they can start email communication with various offers and upsell to customers.

Travel Websites CTA 3: Sign up to unlock special deal / content example from Kayak

website call to action

Similar to Expedia, get a special discount when signing up. Very easy to implement and execute.

Travel Websites CTA 4: Special package example from Squaw Valley

website call to action

Special packages work really well for travel brands. Appeal to different demographics or interests and increase your revenues with the special priced bundle of products.

Travel Websites CTA 5: Time limited promotion example from Vail Resorts

website call to action

Time limited promotion encourages sales. Use this call to action to push an existing promotion even more. By adding a deadline to it, you create urgency in the message and people respond. You probably already have the program developed, it’s just a matter of putting it on your website.

Travel Websites CTA 6: Special program or incentive example from Southwest Air

website call to action Southwest Air

Offer your customers a way to feel special: skip a line, check in online, order ahead of time. These types of things will appeal to your customers and they will pay extra for the preferential treatment.

Travel Websites CTA 7 & 8: Watch a Video example from Hyatt and G Adventures.

website call to action video Hyatt

Video is the next big thing when it comes to the web. Use video to showcase your product, tell a story, explain features, connect with your audience, announce your new program, sell and more. The Hyatt program example above G Adventures below show the power of video on your website.

video call to action

Travel Websites CTA 9: Encourage user-generated content example from Ritz Carlton.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.12.01 PM

Check out the #RitzMemories hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. Thousands of user generated images from all over the world have been submitted free of charge to the travel brand. Ritz Carlton has encouraged the hashtag for a while and now they have even incorporated the content into their website. Start a hashtag campaign on social media for your own brand. See the example of the user-generated campaign we did for Truckee, California. We gathered hundreds and hundreds of images showcasing the beauty of the destination. We used these images on social media, print and the web. Skip the expensive photography and focus on user generated content instead.

Website CTA bonus example: Feature Best of The Month example from Vimeo

website call to action

Showcase your customers’ work by profiling them on your page. They will love the attention and you will generate even more content for your website.

Travel Websites CTA 10: Premium Content Offer Example from Skift

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.29.55 PM

Offer premium content in exchange for an email address. You can offer a special or you can offer something free. By providing something of value to your website visitors you will get their email address. Create a free PDF, a magazine, trail map, report, free guide, even a gift. People love to get free stuff and they will easily give you their email address in exchange for something they perceive is of value to them. Use that email address to follow up with email marketing. Eventually, you will convert your new lead into a customer.

What website calls to action have you seen that grabbed your attention?

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