4 Awesome Tabs for Your Facebook Business Page, and Why We Love Them

4 Awesome Tabs for Your Facebook Business Page, and Why We Love Them

The best things in life and social media marketing don’t always come for free, but in the case of these four, free Facebook tabs they actually do! (Trust me, it’s definitely legit to be excited about this.)

Now, this is not to say there aren’t many excellent and worthwhile fee-based tools and tab-builders for Facebook—especially considering the wide and wild world of Facebook apps and tabs, with such loveable providers like North Social (whose “buy one app, get them all” option is pretty sweet) and Tabfusion, which offers a bounty of great apps (like their Store Apps, Blog Apps, and more).

But if you’re anything like us, you like getting free stuff every now and then. And when free and useful things unite with social media marketing to give your business results a boost, our hearts simply burst with happiness. And so, let me introduce you to…

1. MailChimp’s Facebook App / Email List Sign Up Tab

If you’re not already using MailChimp’s free (or paid) email marketing services to build beautiful and easy-to-manage email campaigns, you need to seriously quit monkeying around and—OK, just give them a try. And when you do, you’ll definitely be happy with how easily you can add their email sign up tab application to your Facebook business page.

Why We Love It: Clean and simple design. Integrates seamlessly into Facebook with some very helpful step-by-step instructions on their site.

Cost: Free with a basic account.



2. Page Yourself Sweepstakes App / f-Site

Billed as “the first website inside Facebook,” the f-Site by Page Yourself is essentially a WYSIWYG that builds attractive, custom apps and tabs directly into to your page. They offer a plethora of options, and some really eye-catching theme designs (see below). The Sweepstakes app, in particular, offers a smart, step-by-step walkthrough for your participants, including a call-to-action after they’ve submitted to invite friends to enter.

Why We Love It: Makes running up a sweepstakes easy with a 5-step process that helps you upload contest rules, pick a winner, and more. Also provides metrics to measure your results.

Cost: Can’t believe this is free!



3.  Woobox Custom Page Tab with “Like-Gate” Option

Want more likes on your Facebook business page? First, create a custom page tab from Woobox and offer your fans something special:  a discount, free white paper, how-to video, or webinar, for example. Make sure to select the “like-gate” or “fangate” option so that visitors need to like your page to access your premium content or offering. Now, how about running a Facebook ad attracting people to your tab? Not only will you get that like while offering something awesome of your own in exchange, you’ll also be able to engage with fans, long-term, through your business page.

Why We Love It: A simple and effective way to drive traffic to your Facebook page and get more likes.

Cost: F-R-E-E.


4. Tabsite Drag N Build Tabs

While Tabsite offers some great, paid options, their free Drag N Build tabs go a long way in allowing you to showcase products and services directly on your Facebook page. You can easily customize these tabs with their four, free widgets: content, images, Google Maps, and an email sign up form, which even connects with your Delivra, Constant Contact, or MailChimp account. If you don’t want to design it yourself, Tabsite offers 36 professional, tab templates in the categories of business, hospitality, contests, medical, non-profit, restaurant, and more that are also “drag and build.”

Why We Love It: Get two, customizable and easy-to-create tabs with a free account, along with a variety of well-designed templates.

Cost: You guessed it—free!


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