5 Content Marketing Tools that are Free

5 Content Marketing Tools that are Free

Content Marketing Tools I Love and Use Everyday. All for free. Five of Them. 

5 content marketing tools

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Tools can make our life easier. That’s why I like these five content marketing tools. You can save hours each week by using them. 

1. Content Curation Tool: Feedly www.feedly.com


Feedly is an awesome way to get your favorite blogs delivered to you in one dashboard. Organize your feeds by different topics for easier reading. It’s the easiest and most effective way to read the news. Share content from Feedly to your social channels with a click of a button. Discover and follow different topics or add specific blogs with their RSS feed. The paid plan ($5.41/month)  now integrates with IFTTT to make sharing easier. The free version includes a few integrations too. You can share an article to Twitter, Facebook, LInkedin, Buffer, email, save articles for later or save them to your Pocket.  Stay on top of the news without wasting time.

feedly content curation tool


2. Content Curation Tool: Pocket www.getpocket.com

Use Pocket to save articles you want to read later. When researching a topic on the web, use Pocket to add articles for later reference. Save articles you want to include in your email newsletters or add to your next blog post. You can organize your saved articles with tags. Share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Buffer and email. It’s pretty cool.

pocket content curation tool

3. Content Creation Tool: Canva www.canva.com

Canva is the solution to your design needs if you are not a designer. It’s a super simple platform where you can create amazing images. In just minutes of time you too can have professional looking images. Canva is an easy and affordable tool for everybody. Create amazing images for the web, marketing collateral, social media, documents, ebooks, infographics and more. A must!

canva content creation tool

4. Content Creation Tool: Adobe Spark Post

Download in the App Store

Another free app to get your images professional looking with almost no effort on your side. Download the app and start with one of their many templates. It integrates with your image library, stock photos, Lightroom and Creative Cloud.  You can use your own image or a stock photo. You can change the palette, theme, photo, and font and add animation to the image with a click of a button.  Make Instagram post, Facebook post, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook ad or blog post.  Focus on your important work and still have professional looking images. Tada!

Adobe Spark Post


5. Content Distribution Tool: Buffer www.buffer.com

Creating your content is part of the puzzle but then you want to distribute it to the world. This is where Buffer comes in handy. Connect all your social networks and use Buffer to schedule posts ahead of time. Decide the frequency of each of your social channels and let Buffer do the rest. It comes with handy analytics so you can re-share your most popular content. What’s not to love?

Buffer content distribution tool

Want to grab the free PDF with all 5 tools?

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