5 easy steps to define target audience

5 easy steps to define target audience

Knowing your customer makes it easy to focus your marketing strategy. Who exactly are you selling to? Why should they care? How are you solving their problems? By being able to define target audience you will maximize your marketing efforts and cut waste.

5 steps to define target audience


Follow these five steps to define target audience.  Come up with a clear picture of what your ideal customer looks like. Your business will benefit from knowing who you are marketing to. 

Step 1

Understand the problem that you solve


What problems are you solving with your product or service and who has these problems. By getting clear in this first step, you will start to narrow down the audience you are addressing.

Step 2

Where are they?


Look into their exact demographics. How old are they, where do they live, what income they generate, are they married, what nationality / race.  Complete all demographics data you can find out about your target audience.

Step 3

What do they like and dislike


Now let’s dive deeper into what makes up your target audience. What do they like and dislike, what interests do they have, values, attitudes, hobbies, behavior, lifestyle. This will paint a better picture of whom you are dealing with. Marketers call these characteristics Psychographics. Everything you can find out about your audience that’s on the more personal level will go here.

Step 4

Where can you find them


Now that you know whom you are dealing with, you need to find out where to find them online and offline. These are the so-called technographics. Are they on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Do they consume information online or offline. Where else can you find them. What newspapers, magazines, blogs do they read.

Step 5

Your Ideal Customer

I recommend that once you have a clear picture of whom your target audience is, take it a step further and develop your ideal customer. If you can have a visual picture in your mind of who exactly you are talking to in your communications, you will always stay on track with your messages.

I like this article from Marketing Donut including a few more tips on how to develop your target audience.

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