5 Free and Easy Tools to Monitor Your Travel Reputation Online

5 Free and Easy Tools to Monitor Your Travel Reputation Online

listenPeople are talking about your tourism brand. Making comments – good or bad when they travel. We know how word of mouth is affecting people’s choices about where to go on vacation, where to stay, which spa to book their appointment in, where to go out for dinner.  If you know what’s been said, you can at least make sure the facts are right and try to lead the conversation. It’s important that you monitor your online reputation. You can also monitor your personal name, your competition, your indsutry. There are hundreds of tools available, some free and some paid. There are also individual tools that monitor for example blogs only and there are aggregators that go out and search the universe – photos, blogs, videos, micro-blogs (like Twitter). It’s fairly easy to set up a dashboard on your computer so with a quick look each day you can see what’s been said that concerns you. Here are some tools that are worth exploring:

  1. Google Alerts for Tourismhttp://www.google.com/alerts – Google alerts are emailor RSS updates based on the “keywords” you have set up to monitor. It only takes a few seconds to set up Google Alerts. You can track your name, your company name, your competitors or specific keywords of interest to you. You need to set up this tool!
  2. Blogsearch for Tourismhttp://blogsearch.google.com – This is the Google engine to search the blogosphere. You can set it up using the advanced search option. The best way to set this up is with RSS to your iGoogle account. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and it takes seconds to set this listening tool. On a daily basis you can check your results. You can always modify your keywords if you are not getting enough noise or too many blogs.
  3. Technorati for Recreationhttp://technorati.com – another popular blog search engine. You can search blogs, videos, latest chatter on Twitter or on blogs. They also have a cool tool called Twittorati which allows you to follow latest tweets, top links, top blogs and latest photos – if you have the time and interest to do so!
  4. TweetBeep for Travelhttp://tweetbeep.com – Just like Google Alerts but for Twitter. You need to have a Twitter account to sign up for this service. It will monitor Twitter and send you emails when your “travel keyword” is being mentioned. Pretty cool! You won’t miss the next time someone mentions you on Twitter.
  5. Search Twitter for Tourismhttp://search.twitter.com – you can search all tweets for specific tourism keywords and subscribe to the conversation with an RSS feed. You will see everything mentioned about your brand or a “keyword” that interests you.

Here are 5 easy and free tourism monitoring tools that you can implement today and never miss a conversation again. It will take you less than an hour to set them up. You will gain a lot by understanding what people say about you.

What tools have you found useful?

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