5 Quick Social Media-Worthy Reads and Ski Social Business

5 Quick Social Media-Worthy Reads and Ski Social Business

social media trends are hard to keep up with. I’ve hand picked 5 stories from the week to keep you informed with what’s going on. Short and sweet. Enjoy! But first, I want to share this well done video from Rossignol on how they are working with SalesForce to make their business more social.
And now, here are the 5 hot social media trends and news stories of the week:
  1. Google+ Has 400 Million Members Mashable Social Media

Google + managed to gain 400 Million members in just one year, on the way to catching up to Facebook’s member count. Are you on Google+ yet or still waiting to see what happens there?

Read Time: 2 min.

2. Facebook’s Sponsored Results Are Taking Off (According To Social Ad Startup Optimal) – TechCrunch 

Facebook recently launched a Sponsored Results Program, where advertisers are allowed to place sponsored links in the social network’s search results.  This may prove to be a new way of reaching people that will greatly increase a brand’s audience. Facebook sponsored stories are a great way to increase your message reach. Test them and see how they do for you.

Read Time: 5 min.

3. 9 Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Engagement –SocialMediaExaminer

Some great tips and tricks to keep Facebook current and customers/fans engaged. Everyone wants to know how to increase their Facebook engagement. Some good tips in this article.

Read Time: 5-10 min.

4.  Social Media Measurement is Still in Infant Stage of Growth – Marketing Pilgrim

Concrete methods for measuring social media’s impact on a company’s ROI are slowly coming to fruition.

Read Time: 5 min.

Bonus: Link to the Adobe and Econsultancy “Managing and Measuring Social” report.

5. 90 Percent of Small Business Use Social Media –SocialMediaToday 

Small business owners were surveyed across the US, and the results found that 90% are actively networking online.  About half of those small businesses say they gain 25% more customers online, so the shift in small business behavior is a big one.

Read Time 5 min.

Bonus: Check out this easy to read info graphic.

Small Business Owners


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