5 Skills You Need to Make Your Social Media Campaign Successful

5 Skills You Need to Make Your Social Media Campaign Successful

Marketing departments tend to underestimate the complexity of social media. After all, most people have Facebook and Twitter accounts — how hard could it be to run one professionally? However, there’s a big difference between posting photos of your dog or sharing a link from your favorite political site on your personal pages versus representing a brand on an official page. Here are a few best practices that new social media managers should know — and experienced marketers should remember.

Listen as Much as You Talk

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Social media platforms are dominated by brands and blogs that are desperate for traffic and the attention of users. This means they often spend most of their time posting links to their own blogs and making comments to attract visitors. While this is important, it’s only half of what social media is about. After all, you wouldn’t go on a second date with a person who ignored you and talked about themselves the whole time.

For each post that you make on social media, set aside at least 10-15 minutes to read the blogs, tweets, and posts of others and share your thoughts on them. This will help build your relationships within the community, which will result in more shares and traffic down the road.

You Can’t Reach Everyone

Just because you have the opportunity to advertise to millions of people on social media, doesn’t mean you should. No one sells products or services to male and female target audiences ages 18-95. Even Super Bowl advertisers like Doritos and Geico have niche targets.

Instead of broadcasting an ineffective message across the platforms, choose niche audiences that are likely to convert. Not only will this help your success rate, but it will also set up a precedent for ROI so you can ask for a budget increase down the road. Facebook in particular, has useful sponsored settings, like targeting people who already like your page or those who like the pages of your competitors. Don’t waste your money on impressions and clicks that will never convert.

Keep All Communication On-Brand

If you run a social media campaign that requires you to post on-the-go, like brands that share their location at conferences or companies that host events, you could end up sharing several unedited photos that don’t match your brand. Even worse, you could end up posting typos because you’re trying to multitask instead of focusing exclusively on social media or the event.

First, your social media pages all need guidelines that clearly explain how the brand should be represented. This should include rules for image quality, logo usage, and sentence structure. That way if someone breaks those rules, you have something in writing that covers what they should have done.

Next, if you’re in an area with a lot of distractions — like a live event — keep someone at home who can manage the social scene. Send them your photos and comments instead so they can quickly share your posts while making sure they’re on-brand.

Set Trackable Goals for Improvement

Most social media managers don’t have a problem tracking performance over time, but they do struggle to create goals that will increase engagement. After each month, set goals for a 10-20 percent increase in traffic, clicks, follows, and engagement and then brainstorm 3-4 concrete steps you can take to make those goals happen. Traffic won’t magically grow overnight, so you need to take the initiative to boost your results.

For example, if you’re struggling to get clicks but your impressions are growing, consider testing different headlines or calls to action to see if some work better. You can also adjust the links you’re sharing to see what your audiences respond to. At the end of the month, conduct a review not just of your performance, but of your initiatives and what you learned.

Always Seek to Learn New Things

Social media platforms are moving targets. They’re constantly rolling out new features, and young people are always looking for the next great app to play with. If you’re not careful, you could end up falling behind and looking unprofessional. A perfect example is Facebook’s constantly changing profile design. Almost overnight, your banner could look stretched out or cut off because you didn’t stay on top of industry trends. By constantly reading and following industry blogs, you’re set to continue growing with change instead of fighting it.

It’s true, social media isn’t an overly complex medium, but it does require close monitoring and attention from the people running it. Through actionable strategies and relationship building, you should have a thriving social media presence in no time!

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