5 Steps to Market Your Fitness Business by Guest Blogging

5 Steps to Market Your Fitness Business by Guest Blogging

As a fitness business owner, you not only have profound health and fitness knowledge to share with your potential clients, you have a story to tell—about the power of transformation, strength, stamina, and the will to become a better you.

Your clients want to hear that story.

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If you’re not sharing your know-how and passion about your fitness business by regular blogging or guest blogging, then you’re truly missing out on connecting authentically and far more effectively with your audience. A 400-word blog post not only goes much deeper on an emotional level than a mere advertisement can do, it lasts far longer in terms of the web traffic and awareness it can bring to your business. When that expensive paid ad or Google AdWords campaign is over, on the other hand, so is the flow of traffic to your website.

Your words and your message matter. They matter for your clients, they matter for your brand, and they most certainly matter for how your business will be found on the internet.

You can dramatically increase your ability to be heard and seen online by adding guest blogging to your fitness business marketing efforts.

Here are five steps below to get your started.

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Step 1: Define your target audience.

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  • Is your focus national or local? Are you selling online training sessions and coaching, or do you run a small, brick-and-mortar gym with a focus on the city you’re based in?
  • Who is your ideal client? Women age 28-50? Athletes? CrossFit lovers? Active retirees?

Just as you do with your other marketing efforts, the first step to successful guest blogging for a fitness business involves knowing who your clients are. Then, you can start to figure out where to reach them.

Step 2: Find the right home for your post.

Even if you have a local focus, national guest blogging opportunities can still improve your overall website rank, traffic, and visibility. You can then promote your high-profile, guest blog post throughout your local network, as well, thus showcasing your knowledge and credibility to your region.

If the focus of your fitness business is local—in say Reno, NV, for example—you can search for a whole host of regional blogs where your clients may be found. Here are some examples of some great, Reno-based blogs and websites:

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Step 3: Pitch perfect.

  • Make sure your pitch email is specifically tailored to the blog you’re reaching out to.
  • Use the first name of the blog owner in the salutation.
  • Be familiar with their blog or website. Share why your blog post would benefit their readers.
  • Write a compelling subject line. Make sure your spelling and grammar are flawless.
  • In short: make it easy for the blogger/site owner/editor to say YES.

Step 4: Confirm the details.

Before you agree to submitting your final guest blog post, make sure you confirm that a brief bio about you and your business with a link back to your website will be included, and provide that information to the blog publisher.

Step 5: Promote and repeat.

  • When your guest blog post is published, share it throughout your social media networks, include it in your e-newsletter, and tell all your friends to share it, too! The more shares you get, the more it will benefit your business—and the more likely the blog publisher will be happy to have you back for another post.
  • Post a link to the article with a brief, original description of the piece on your own blog or website, as well.
  • Aim for one guest blog post a month, combined with consistent weekly blogging on your own site, and you’ll begin to see the reach of your fitness business grow and transform in powerful ways.

Melissa Sweat is a freelance writer, marketer, and creative strategist who loves helping businesses achieve their outreach and sales goals. Connect with her at www.linkedin.com/in/melissasm and @LettersEmpire.

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