5 Tips to Improve Tourism, Travel Industry Social Media

5 Tips to Improve Tourism, Travel Industry Social Media

When I took my first, and very long-overdue, trip to Paris, it wasn’t the price of the airline ticket that convinced me to go. Or any special deal I could get on a hotel at the time.

You know, as a tourism and travel industry professional, that discounts and deals aren’t at the heart of why people travel…

So, what is it, then?

Macarons Paris Travel

For me, it was to eat delicious pistachio and vanille-flavored macarons on a park bench on the Tulieries Garden.

It was to see fireworks light up the Eiffel Tower for Bastille day and celebrate with Parisians in a nearby brasserie.

It was to take a river cruise on the Seine and see Notre Dame, the glass dome of the Grand Palais, and take in all the beautiful sights of the city… and, of course, to take plenty of photos.

Eiffel Tower Tourism

It was then to come back and share my stories with friends, family and even strangers, because that’s what we as humans love to do. And this is absolutely key for improving your tourism and travel industry social media.

If you’re the owner of a travel or tourism business, or are currently managing tourism marketing and travel marketing at your organization, then you need to be keenly aware of what sharing and storytelling can do for getting your customers inspired about travel.

In the social media space, sharing is EVERYTHING. Sharing is what gets more eyes on your brand. It’s what gets people talking. It’s what sparks a conversation and dozens of comments on your posts. It’s what makes people know about you and helps you stand out against your competition in the tourism industry.

So, how do you get people to share?

Simply put: You empower and inspire them.

Below are 5 tips to improve your travel and tourism social media marketing through the power of sharing.

1. Utilize social media platforms your audience can help add to.

Come up with a unique hashtag related to your tourism or travel business, such as #MyParisAdventure or #TheresNothingLikeAustralia. Encourage your audience to share their photos, stories, and experiences using this hashtag on the right platforms for your business. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and, of course, Twitter, are all very visual and utilize hashtags to unite conversation, so they’re a great social media platforms to use for tourism social media marketing.

You may be surprised at how much your audience will want to build and support what you’re creating in social media—but you shouldn’t be! People just love to share about their travel stories, and that’s the beauty of empowering them to do so through your social media platforms. (…We at Out&About Marketing definitely know this from our very successful #TruckeeMoments campaign. Check it out!)

Truckee Moments Campaign Out&AboutMarketing

2. Put the spotlight on your community.

Once you’ve started encouraging your audience and social media community to share using unique hashtags, take engagement one step further and shine a light on your community members.

Why not feature a fan photo or “story-of-the-week” on social media or on your blog? Maybe offer a reward that’s relevant to your business to the top participant each month. Create albums or photo tabs on Facebook, and boards on Pinterest featuring your community’s contributions. The possibilities for showcasing your community through social media—and further encouraging their authentic participation in your brand—are boundless.

3. Stay current.

Be on the lookout for current events, happenings, national awareness days and months, seasonal traditions, and holidays that you can find some way to relate back to your travel or tourism business. Just as you would in a real-world conversation, you want your business to engage in what’s happening now, what people are currently talking about online and in social media.

Of course, keep building engagement around what’s particular to your community and your business, but don’t miss out on being part of the general conversation, too.

4. Make your stories share-worthy.

Remember how important sharing is on social media? Well, you have to make your stories, posts, and content worthy of sharing. They need to inspire.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask: why would I be interested in sharing this with my friends, family, co-workers? What are they going to get out of this? If you’re still having trouble creating compelling posts, take a look at the last five things that you shared on social media. What caused you to share them? Was is the beautiful photo? The creative copy? A heartwarming or inspirational story? Something that you’ve never seen before?

Remember to always give your audience a great story/post/tweet/blog to share and tell.

5. Try, test, and see what works.

You definitely don’t need to be on every social media platform to improve your tourism industry social media. Try out 2-3 social media platforms at first that you think are relevant to your business and that you can maintain consistently. Most important, make sure to utilize the social media platforms where your audience resides. Don’t waste time on LinkedIn or Snapchat if they don’t relate to your travel business.

Next, test and see what’s working for you and what’s not. Add special tabs to your Facebook page, such as an email list opt-in, and run social ads directing people to that tab. Try running a contest or giveaway. And if things aren’t working for you in one platform, try a different platform or strategy and see if you find more success there.

Overall, to improve your tourism and travel social media you need to be tapped into to your audience, what inspires them, and what they’re sharing, and—above all else—you need to create and showcase stories they’ll love to tell.

See our services for how Out&About Marketing can manage and improve your travel and tourism social media marketing.

Want more tips? Check out our case study on what Tourism Australia did to WIN social media marketing.

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Photo credit: @anna_webb_1984 . This awesome shot was taken on Kangaroo Island in The Real South Australia

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