5 top social media tips for 5 major social platforms

5 top social media tips for 5 major social platforms

Why waste time on platforms and tactics that don’t work? Read our  quick five pro social media tips for five social networks and direct your efforts towards the things that work now.

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Facebook is a pay to play platform, no question about it. Incorporate custom audiences and video ads in your paid advertising strategy to achieve better results. Make sure you are thinking mobile first with every single post you create. Use Facebook Insights to analyze your activity on a weekly basis and adjust your content strategy accordingly.


Instagram just changed the way images will be displayed in your newsfeed. They are moving away from showing you everything chronologically, to displaying the images they think you will be most interested in (a la Facebook). With this in mind, it’s even more important to create and post images that get people to engage with your content. Engagement rate will determine how many people see your images and videos. Quality and engagement are even more important than before on this platform. Test paid advertising on Instagram currently available to small businesses from the Facebook Ad manager. Alternatively, develop your influencer outreach to increase your reach.


Twitter just turned 10 years old and despite rumors tweets will stay limited to 140 characters. News, hashtags, events and celebrities have found their place on Twitter. Tweets have a very short life span, and it takes time to constantly add tweets that provide value. Look into tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to help you manage the constant flow of tweets necessary to stay present on the platform. To get the most out of Twitter engage with people instead of just sending out status updates and use it to listen. You got to be in it to win it.


LinkedIn is the place, particularly for small businesses where you can establish yourself as the expert. First, establish your presence with a LinkedIn Company page, then grow your followers and finally, share content they are interested in. The hardest thing for most businesses is to grow followers. Start with your employees and then convert your customers into followers. Also, remember to add a LinkedIn Follow button to your website and email signatures. Participating in LinkedIn Groups will increase the reach of your company page. Experiment with LinkedIn ads as you can get extremely targeted on the platform and reach the right audience.


The latest research from Bloomberg, Jan 2016 shows that Snapchat nears Facebook levels for daily video news. In addition, Snapchat users are engaged with 65% of them uploading photos to the platform daily. With 76% of Millennials using Snapchat, small businesses need to look into the platform if they have the resources for it. I still believe that other platforms take priority over Snapchat for small businesses until it reaches a critical point just because of limited resources but Snapchat is definitely a good way to reach younger audiences. Try contests, behind the scene peaks, coupons and new team member intros.

Note: Consider looking into YouTube as a social channel as YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

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