7 Tips to Get Your Business Blogging

7 Tips to Get Your Business Blogging

Thinking a blog might be the best direction for your business? According to HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing company, companies that blog attract 55% more website visitors, get 97% more inbound links and have 434% more indexed web pages than blog-less companies.  To help increase your online presence through blogging, here are 7 blogging tips:


1. Blog platform – WordPress. It’s easy to update and comes with highly customizable features and plugins for social media, SEO, contact forms, ecommerce, and more. WordPress templates are affordable and many are designed with mobile devices in mind, which is essential for providing good customer experiences online.


2. Content strategy. To get the best results from your blog, it’s important to have a content strategy (about 6-12 months ahead) for keeping you on track. A simple plan may include a topic and due date. Some examples of what you can write about are:

– Answer frequent questions that you receive from customers

– Insider resources about your products and industry

– Interviews with knowledgeable people in your industry

– Repurpose content from other places – a video, a webinar, a presentation, conference notes, etc.


3. Speak to your audience. Understand your audience and speak to them. To find out what they need, check with your social media networks and offline feedback. What questions are they asking that you can answer?


4. Build your email list. To stay top of mind with your customers, build a good email list. Even if you are not planning on selling anything, having an email database will allow you to promote your future content.


5. Stay true to your voice and to your brand. By creating your own voice and staying true to it, you’ll build an audience truly interested in what you’re saying. Transparency is key online.


6. Write catchy headlines. First and foremost, you should be writing for your audience, but it’s also important to come up with catchy headlines. Catchier headlines help you stand a better chance at being seen online. Use keywords that rank high on Google.


7. Be patient. Patience is key when blogging. It may take time to see results from your blog, and it also takes time to blog. Stick with it, and be consistent. Plan ahead how often you’ll be blogging.



Happy blogging!

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