7 Ways to Save Time Each Day free ebook

7 Ways to Save Time Each Day free ebook

Business owners and entrepreneurs all share the same challenge – not enough time in the day. I created this ebook: “7 ways to save time each day, grow your business and be happier” to provide a solution. These are habits I have created and have proved to work over the years. I’m the happiest I have ever been and can honestly say a lot more productive in a lot less time. 

7 ways to save time

Start by reading Chapter 1 below but better yet download the entire ebook for free: “7 ways to save time each day, grow your business ad be happier”.

Chapter 1: Start Your Day Right


How you start your day determines how the rest of your day will go.

I normally wake up between 6am – 7am with a smile on my face. I know that the first thing I will do when I wake up is invest in ME. My day usually includes some combination of exercise, meditation, reading, spending time with my husband and a healthy breakfast.

Establish a morning ritual for yourself and you will hit the ground running when it’s time to focus on your work. For those of you with children, you can still do this, you just need to get up earlier and go to bed earlier.

Lesson #1 from the ebook: 7 ways to save time, grow your business and be happier

Establish Your Morning Ritual

1. Exercise

I vary my workouts as I get easily bored. Sometimes I hit the gym and do a high intensity workout or TRX or spin. Sometimes I go outside paddleboarding, running, hiking. Other days, I throw in a DVD and do yoga or workout at home. It depends on how I feel and what I’m in a mood for. I don’t like routine workouts. I think your body and your mind get easily bored with them. Some days, I just enjoy a nice paddle on the lake.

morning routine

Milena Regos and her favorite 14′ bark board heading out for a paddle.

Action Item: Decide on some kind of exercise. Whether you want to check your local gyms, get outside or use an online resource like the ones below:

Gaia (for yoga, meditation, wellness and work out videos). They even have good movies if you are bored with your Netflix collections. You can check it out for $0.99.

– Apple TV has a few apps you can download for your fitness and yoga needs.

– Amazon has plenty of DVDs you can purchase.

– YogaGlo

exercise app

2. Meditate

The busier I get the more I need to meditate. It helps me clear my mind and focus on what’s important, plus it helps me deal with stress. I know it sounds a little counter productive but it is it a great habit for busy people. You can invest 15 – 20 min each day to feel better. We spend so much time trying to exercise our bodies and not enough time exercising our minds.

early morning meditation by lake tahoe

Early morning meditation by Lake Tahoe

Meditation apps I have tried and I like can be easily found in the App store:

– Calm

– 1 Giant Mind

You don’t need to know how to meditate in order to get going. These apps will walk you through it. And you don’t need to have a special meditation place to do it. You can do it on a walk, in your living room, while you are waiting for someone or by the lake like I did in the photo. Meditate any time you wish to clear the mind.

Action Item: Download one app today and start meditating for at least 12 days in a row.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

We all know that nutrition is super important and starting the day right for me determines how I eat the rest of the day. I try to stick to something healthy in the morning but it all depends on the type of exercise I do as well. Sometimes it’s hard boiled eggs and a little  plain yogurt (Fun FACT: I am Bulgarian and all good yogurt contains bulgaricus, the bacteria that makes good yogurt. Check the label the next time you are buying yogurt and you’ll see). Sometimes it’s a protein smoothie or a chia pudding. Just like my workouts, I have to vary my breakfasts. I haven’t been drinking a lot of coffee lately, so I go for matcha or tea. There’s a lot of information online about healthy eating but remember that every one is different and what your body needs will be entirely different from everybody else.

Healthy Breakfast

A few online resources I use for recipes:

– Yummly App

Greatist – fitness, nutrition and happiness advice. Here’s a sample recipe list from them with 23 high protein breakfast choices.

Mark’s Daily Apple – an excellent nutrition and fitness resource for primal / paleo way of life and my preferred go to guide and books.

Action item: Ask yourself if you treat your body right with the breakfast you have every morning. Cut down on sugars and increase the amount of protein. You will feel better, have more energy and be able to focus throughout your day.

4. Spend time with family

family time

I don’t have children which makes my morning routine easier than some, but I still try to spend quality time with my husband. We talk about our life and drink our matcha together or go for a paddleboard session on the lake. We’ve had some great discussions in the morning when our brains are not full of work issues and we are not stressed out.

5. Gratitude / Positive Outlook

Writing what you are grateful for will take seconds but it will make you a happier person.  Purchase a small journal or notebook and each morning, write down one thing you are grateful for.

I’m a very positive person but I can still get stuck in a low. I try to read something positive, even if it’s just a quick quote. Some days, I check my Instagram feed to find motivation or simply a beautiful photo. Ideally, you will find an inspirational book to read and not touch your smart device just yet. But sometimes I just can’t resist it and I’ll jump on my computer or iphone.

Instagram hashtags for inspiration:



Action Item: Buy a gratitude journal and start recording what you are grateful for each morning. I love my journal.

gratitude journal

Practice setting up your daily morning routine. It should take about an hour each morning to go through these action items. But don’t worry, in the next lessons, you’ll learn how to save time. Download the ebook for free “7 ways to save time each day, grow your business and be happier“.

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