7 ways to quickly grow your Facebook fan base

7 ways to quickly grow your Facebook fan base

Easy Facebook strategies to increase fan baseFor your customers who like your brand on Facebook, 60% are more likely to recommend your business and 51% are more likely to buy from you. (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey, Mar 2011). In addition, 92% of industry professionals report that they have acquired a customer through Facebook. (Source: OpenForum, 2012). With stats like these, it’s hard to argue that Facebook is not a good place for businesses to be active and engaged and 70% of local businesses already have an active Facebook presence.

Some additional Facebook stats that show how powerful the social network is for small businesses to connect, communicate and increase their reach:

  • 1 billion user base
  • Time spent on Facebook takes 17 percent share of consumers’ minutes spent on the Web as reported by Nielsen 2012
  • Amount of content uploaded, liked, commented and shared daily (2.5 billion content items shared/daily and 2.7 billion likes/daily)

How do you stand out from the hundreds and thousands of businesses out there and how do you make sure that your fans are seeing your updates in their newsfeed?

Let’s take a look at these 7 simple strategies that every business owner can implement to grow their fan base and make sure their Facebook fans are seeing their business posts.

  1. The timeline image – make sure your Facebook business page has a branded timeline image of 851 x 315 pixels. Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s timeline restrictions (no price or purchase information, no contact information, no call to action to Like or Share, Download it Now or Tell your Friends). Then, get creative with your timeline image. Think of a visual that shows your business and tells people what you do. Make sure it looks appealing and invites people to like your page. This is the action you want them to take when they first see your branded timeline image. What can you do that is different and make you stand out from your competition?
  2. Fill out your About Section and include your website address. This will help you improve your search engine rankings and help you drive traffic to your website so you can give your customers an opportunity to not just connect but also to become lifelong customers by signing up for your email newsletters, purchasing from your website and seeing your entire business online.
  3. Link your personal Facebook profile to your business Facebook page. I see so many people that haven’t connected the two and are sending people to a dead page on Facebook.
  4. Put a Facebook like social plug in on your website. Instead of sending people away from your website, put a Facebook face pile plug in on your site so they can easily connect with your Facebook page without leaving your website.
  5. Secure your Facebook custom URL. Visit www.facebook.com/username and request your branded Facebook username. This way, you can easily direct people to your Facebook page, something like facebook.com/outandaboutmarketing. You can include your branded Facebook page address on your business cards, marketing collateral or in the store.
  6. Post every day consistently. Post 2-5 posts a day and vary the media you use – images, video, links, questions, polls, fill in the blank. Stagger the posts throughout the day for maximum reach. Photos and videos generate up to 200% higher engagement than the average posts and with the web going more visual, images are a great way to tell your brand’s story.
  7. Use targeted Facebook ads to increase your fan base with qualified leads. With Facebook ads you can target, for example, people who recently got engaged and live within 25 miles radius of your store. If you own a floral shop for example, that targeting will be very effective. Facebook ads offer laser precision targeting at very affordable prices and you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. At the same time, use promoted posts and sponsored stories (Facebook ad products) to increase the visibility of your posts, gain new fans and start monetizing your Facebook efforts.
These easy strategies will help you organically increase your fan base and you can supplement your growth and engagement with Facebook ads which seems to perform really well for most businesses.
Your turn. What Facebook strategies do you recommend or what have you tried that works?







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    I created my fan page 5 months ago to build an online store but i only have 100 friends so I think i need to apply this to my Facebook fan page. Thanks for sharing this strategy.

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