8 Social Media Resolutions for Your Business

8 Social Media Resolutions for Your Business

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With every new year, we set goals and commit to change. January is the month for setting expectations for the coming, year, but good habits take a long time to form. By the time February hits, we may forget we made resolutions at all. Setting goals for optimizing your social media marketing is a great way of strengthening public perception of your business as well as increasing your exposure. Here are on-going social media marketing goals for your business – not just for January, but for 2014 and beyond. Start implementing them now, and you will start seeing the benefits. Be patient and remember Rome wasn’t built in one day.

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1. Stop marketing and start engaging – the brands that are doing well on social media understand that it’s less about sales and promotions, and more about providing value to their fans and followers by being useful, coming up with content their customers can use, and answering questions from their fans. So stop using social media the old marketing way and start using it to converse with your audience. It’s an amazing vehicle if you use it the way individuals are using it: to communicate, stay in touch and have fun.

2. Less is more when it comes to measurements – I try to measure everything I can when it comes to marketing, but when is enough data enough? Big brands are trying to figure out what data is telling them. Getting buried in data is useless for your business. Come up with 3-4 things you want to measure on a regular basis and stick with them. At least until June.

3. Value and build relationships – It takes a long time to build a community. Be patient about it, create a plan that will help you along the way, execute it to the best of your abilities, and most of all: respond to every tweet, Facebook comment, and LinkedIn question. The only way to build your online community is to put emphasis on creating relationships and managing existing ones. Maybe you already reward your most loyal customers. Why not take this approach to social media and reward your most loyal and vocal Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Instagrammers?

4. Think visual – Visual is the way to go on social media, and there’s no secret to Instagram and Pinterest success. Come up with ways to make your business visual and tell your brand story with images. Thanks to social media, our attention span is so small that we have a much higher chance of getting your image across with a great visual than with words. Get more active on Instagram, as I see 2014 being the year Instagram starts generating more engagement and starts making more revenue for companies than Facebook. Let’s see what happens!

5. Have a Voice – Maintaining a clear and strong voice for your company through social media channels is just as important as consistently updating them. Understanding the vision of your company as it relates to consumers and other businesses will give you a stronger understanding of differentiating yourself on social media through your own unique voice.

6. Inject Variety into Your Posts – While tweeting articles from the Wall Street Journal may pique your followers’s curiosity for a short period, their interest will wane if there is little or no variety in your social media posts. Set the goal of doing something different each week. Post motivational quotes, infographics, funny pictures, even ask your audience questions that are relevant to your company. You will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work for your audience. As long as you maintain a clear voice (goal #5) in conjunction with varying the content you post, you will

7. Pay Attention to Your Followers – Sending out tweets, and posting on facebook, instagram, and pinterest should be viewed as an opporunity to get to know your followers. Which of your posts are the most engaging? What gets retweeted, liked, or shared? What receives comments, and what stimulates your audience to act?  What leaves your audience silent, or worse: what makes you lose followers? Pay close attention to what interests your followers so that you can tailor your posts accordingly.

8. Don’t Re-invent the Wheel – Continually posting content that is both effective and entertaining for your audience is very difficult. When your creative juices aren’t flowing and you’ve hit a social media wall, you have options! You can re-post content that engaged your audience in the past, check out what your competitors are posting, or even take a look at what large companies are posting, even if they don’t relate to your business. Understanding how various companies engage their audience can be used as inspiration to connect with your own. Make a goal of reaching outside of your own social media pages to understand the effectiveness of varying social media strategies.

No matter your goals for the New Year, remember to allow yourself plenty of time to reach them. The social media presence of your company is vital, and it also takes time to build. Setting these 8 goals for your digital marketing strategy will allow you to get creative with your audience, create a loyal followership, and increase your social media klout.

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