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Know what we can't stand about most marketing?

It looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes too much like marketing.

The best marketing is one that doesn't feel like marketing. You start with a good product or service, add incredible customer service and get word of mouth going. People love to share their experiences online and offline. That's why word of marketing is always going to be the best marketing tool. And that's why social media marketing is so powerful.

When we work with you, we unleash your business strengths. We help you focus your message for your ideal customer. And we create the attention your business deserves.

We learn your business and your industry and we become an extension of your team. We work with various freelancers and agencies to provide the support and expertise every business needs – whether it's small or big.

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Your business is better than that

Your business brings fun, adventure, health, and unforgettable memories to people’s lives. Your marketing is pretty much built-in. You just need to be telling the right stories, to the right people.

That’s where we come in. We’re word-of-mouth firestarters. We help travel, lifestyle and adventure brands create tribes, start movements, build emotional connections, and inspire people to bring their business to your door (and bring a friend or three along). We do this through strategic marketing, digital engagement, social media, and word of mouth marketing.

How we inspire

We inspire people to take action. An action can be a smile, a share, a facebook like, a blog comment, a video share, a download, a purchase, a vacation, or an experience of a lifetime… We do this through appealing to people’s emotions and building a strong connection with them through your brand. We draw people in and turn them into loyal advocates for your brand both online and offline.
Some of the trusty tools we use are engagement marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, traditional and digital PR, social media, and online marketing. With these, we’ll be able to achieve your most lofty goals by spreading your message in a memorable way that makes people (you guessed it) take action.

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Our Process


Milena’s Story

Milena Regos - Principal
Responsible for making sure things get done on time and as promised.


From selling fish as a kid at the Black Sea of Bulgaria to starting my first business, a windsurf rental, the entrepreneurial fire has always been alive. After graduating from the American University in Bulgaria and working for the largest advertising agency in the country, I decided to pursue a MBA in Marketing in the US.

I came to Lake Tahoe in 1997 driven by employment, lifestyle and the outdoors. In 2009, I turned my passion to connect with more people and create legendary marketing into a boutique marketing agency, inspiring people to act and contributing to making the world a better place.

The good life for me is in taking the dare… Walking to the edge… Running toward the unknown… And pushing the envelope.

B.A. from AmericanUniversity in Bulgaria
M.I.B.A from TheAlliant University, San Diego, CA
Awards: AmericanMarketing Association, Hermes, MarCom and ADDY
For more details about her experience visit her LinkedIn and connect