Ad:Tech San Francisco – Lessons Learned

Ad:Tech San Francisco – Lessons Learned

I just got back from Ad:Tech in San Francisco where I spent one exciting afternoon and one busy morning visiting with companies and listening to much smarter people than me talk about the state of the industry, web 2.0, social media and digital marketing overall. I have to admit that I liked the vibe at Web 2.0 expo I visited earlier this month better than the Ad:tech. Both were worth attending and I learned a lot. A few things that stood out for me from Ad:tech are:

1. In an exciting presentation named ‘The Power of Storytelling” Michael Perman, Senior Director, Consumer Insights, Levi Strauss & Co talked about how to use experiences and memories to create a story about your brand and bring it to life. Have your employees and customers share a story of how they used your product. What memories do they have? What feelings and emotions your products created in them. Post these stories via a blog, a photo, a video and you will bring your product/service to life. People will relate it. They will remember it. And they will buy it. Stories will help you invent the future. Use your imagination to get there.

2. Another good session was presented by a a good panel. The good people from oDesk – Brian Goler, Yield software – Derek Gordon and A&R Edelman – Todd Irwin. They discussed Crossing the Chasm 2.0: Product Marketing in the Digital Age. The phrase was coined in 1991 by Geoffrey Moore in a book titled “Crossing the Chasm”. The panel applied the concept in today’s world with questions like: Has Twitter crossed the Chasm? Most people said no, but the majority agreed that it has crossed the Chasm when applied to business and marketing. Has the iphone crossed the Chasm. Most people tend to think that it has mainly thanks to the iphone applications. How about Facebook? Yes, the audience said, Facebook has crossed the Chasm. Great session and very interactive.Good lessons and take ways for how to break into the digital world with your product.

To illustrate better what the Chasm looks like, I have added the following picture:


3. The third session that resonated with me was Shelly Palmer’s Digital Power User Boot Camp. I was only able to attend one session and I went to the final one. I was very impressed with the amount of information presented and the overview he gave of what’s needed to survive in today’s world: from scanning every paper in your office and creating a searchable PDF, to backing up your computer on a daily basis. He also presented solutions for what cell phones to use, recommended Google apps for a way to allow a group to share documents and calendars, how to create powerpoint presentations and in summary: How to live in today’s digital world. Great info, lots of tips and advice and a good presenter.There was only one thing I’m not sure I agree with. He emphasized the need to update your blog daily. An absolute must he said. I don’t necessarily agree with this statement. One, it’s too often for people to read your blog. Who has the time to read 10-15 blogs of their preference every day. Two, who has the time to update their blog every day. It does take a lot of time.  And finally, I just visited his blog and it hasn’t been updated for the past 5 days. I think that proves my first two points. All and all, great job Shelly. I’ll join in the conversation from your website / blog.

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  1. Colin Loretz

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    It is quite a coincidence that you wrote about the technology adoption process here. I’m currently wrapping up my thesis on the diffusion and adoption of “geek culture” in the Reno-Tahoe area and the importance/impact tech cultures bring to the cities in which they develop. There has been a lot of talk about “crossing the chasm” lately but no one has really tried to forecast or predict when and what must happen for it to happen.

    I’ll be sure to send you a link when it’s published!

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