Are companies still wasting marketing dollars?

Are companies still wasting marketing dollars?

I just picked up my mail. I certainly didn’t expect to receive catalogs from companies I haven’t done any business with in a long time if at all. Are they missing the fact that people are changing their habits. Or, did they just miss the fact that I was never one of their customers? Let’s see – Eddie Bauer, Crate & Barrel, Smith & Noble, CB2, Sierra Trading Post, Champion, RugsDirect. Ok, so maybe at some point of time I purchased something from Crate & Barrel and CB2. How much money are they going to spend in years to come to keep me as their customer?

I think it’s time that companies seriously look at their marketing budgets and their customer relationship management programs and really consider their best options for staying in touch with one of their customers.  Because I have never bought anything from a catalog. It’s always online. Yes, I like reading their catalogs sometimes before I go to bed mainly as a way to stop thinking about the day and relax. Plus, I enjoy looking at their pretty and perfectly designed rooms and kitchens. Is this leisure reading really going to convert me into a buyer? Possibly. But at what cost? And how many dead trees later? I get even more frustrated when a company sends me not only one but two catalogs in my name. Just in case the first one didn’t get there? It makes you wonder… When are these companies truly going to recognize what’s important for them and how to stay in touch. I hope soon.

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