Are you turning away business?

Are you turning away business?

Keva Juice A big annoyance for me is seeing signs at businesses that just scream we don’t want your business. I took this  photo at a Keva Juice shop at the Reno Mall. To me, this sign says: 1) You are not welcomed here and 2) Our organization has problems.

Look around your business for signs that may be sending the wrong message to your customers. They may be making perfect sense to you (are they really?) but you are turning away your customers by sending the wrong message out. Way too many businesses nowadays fall into the trap of announcing to to the world all of their rules, policies and regulations. If you have to have a sign, make sure you are informing your customers about something of importance to them and certainly not trying to tell them how unfriendly your place is or how many policies you have in place. Seriously, if I want to pay with $100 bill, be happy about it and use the opportunity to upsell me on something I didn’t expect I need.

A quick research revealed, Keva Juice’s website has not social networks available on it and a quick search on Facebook revealed 2 business fan pages with the official one being fanned by 1,839 people. It’s interesting to note that the “official” Keva Juice Facebook page is only geared towards 13 New Mexico locations. Now, I’m really confused as to what Keva Juice is really trying to accomplish with their brand. For comparison purposes, their main competitor, Jamba Juice has 375,887 fans. It’s possible they don’t have silly signs in their stores too. I know where I’m going next when I crave a smoothie. Your turn. Do you see signs (written or not) that leave you wondering if you are really welcomed at a particular business?

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