Best and worst use of Facebook timeline image for the ski industry

Best and worst use of Facebook timeline image for the ski industry

Facebook latest redesign for brands provides ski resorts with a lot bigger space to showcase their resort in the timeline cover. Some good uses of the timeline cover include: snow reports uploaded daily, upcoming events, focus on night life or show village activities. I see a lot of creativity from ski resorts and some really cool images are popping up on Facebook.

Below are my favs and an example of what not to do. 

The best use of the Facebook timeline image in the ski industry comes from Sunshine Village Ski&Snowboard Resort from Banff (Alberta) Canada. Each day they feature a new image of a fan on their Timeline under the clever name Sunshiner of the Day.

Great way to put the spotlight on guests/fans, humanize the brand and encourage visits back to the Facebook page. A bit reminiscent of the photo of the day from your regular old website, it keeps content fresh and interest high.

Sunshine Facebook Timeline


Another good use of the Facebook timeline image comes from Vail Resorts. They feature upcoming spring events on the mountain with good combination of text and images. Nice way to inform their guests with some visuals of what to expect in the next few weeks.

Vail Resorts


The worst example of use of the Facebook timeline cover comes from Mountain High. Completely breaking the Facebook rules on what you can and can’t do with your cover, Mountain High is taking a very sales approach to promote their season passes.

Mt High

Mt High


Based on the Facebook guidelines about the new timeline images, the cover may not include:

– price or purchase information.

– contact information, such as website address, email, mailing address

– “Like”,  “Share”, “Get it Now” or  “Tell your friends” call to action

 Takeaway: Check out the complete Facebook timeline guidelines and keep your page within the rules. It’s their playground after all. Luckily, the ski resorts industry has always been creative and can come up with cool images to get people excited skiing, snow and riding. Have fun with it, keep it cool and fresh and keep the sales out of it. With 851×315 pixels, it’s like having a big free billboard to show your guests the resort.

What have you seen out there that’s cool?

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