Best of Ski Resort Marketing 2012/13 season – Bristol Mountain

Best of Ski Resort Marketing 2012/13 season – Bristol Mountain

Snow Angels Come to Life –  Bristol Mountain

This blog post is a series of posts on the Best of Ski Resort Marketing from the 2012/13 season. To read the entire article, visit Ski Area Management website.


Bristol Snow AngelSome ski resorts have dogs. Others have mammoths. And some have snow angels. Real ones. From the Bristol Mountain Snow Angel website:  “A Snow Angel is anyone who commits an act of kindness, help or goodwill at Bristol Mountain. It could be as simple as helping a new skier or snowboarder up off the ground, or giving your spot in the lift line to a family with kids, or scraping someone’s windshield off. Imagine if everyone on the mountain decided that they would have a great and helpful attitude during their visit? What an enjoyable experience we would all have!”

The Snow Angel appears on the Snow Angel website, signage at the resort, social media, personal Snow Angel Card and local media outlets that picked up the story. This is a brilliant way to encourage people to be kind to each other in general, creating a community spirit on the mountain.

I love the concept and the potential it has in the future. The Bristol Mountain Snow Angel Program has an incredible opportunity to succeed, thanks to social networks showcasing random acts of kindness at the resort. Encouraging customers to engage and help each other out will result in a strong community on the mountain and online. The campaign is supported with various prizes encouraging acts of kindness. I’m not sure if people need the prizes to be nice to each other but it makes it more fun. Another winning campaign from Clark CSM Marketing Communications and Bristol Mountain.

Your turn. Do you like the concept?


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