Best of Ski Resort Marketing 2012/13 season – Sierra-at-Tahoe

Best of Ski Resort Marketing 2012/13 season – Sierra-at-Tahoe

Seeing is Believing – Sierra at Tahoe

This blog post is a series of posts dedicated to the most memorable ski marketing campaigns from the 2012/13 season. To review the best and worst from the season, read the article on the SAM website.

Sierra at Tahoe partnered up with Zeal Optics and ION camera to showcase real mountain conditions with the “Goggles Don’t Lie” campaign and use of video instruction for real life tips and improvement pointers in their ski and snowboard lessons. Brilliant idea to use technology to allow guests to see the conditions through the eyes of the snow reporters and learn faster by seeing their own progress.  “Each Friday, Sierra Resort snow reporters gather real-time video and showcase it on the Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort Facebook page. It provides guests with a no-frills, first-hand look at actual conditions…it allows guests the opportunity to see before they go” said Steven Hemphill, Communications Manager at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

I love the concept, the immediacy of the message, the consistency, the effort to show people what they want to see and the idea of using technology to bring people closer to the mountain and provide them with real conditions without any inflations and sugar coating.  Known as one of the places to learn how to ski or ride in Lake Tahoe, Sierra at Tahoe’s partnership with Zeal Optics will make guest’s experience on the slopes even better with video instructions and progress updates.  Good idea from Sierra at Tahoe.  More resorts should jump on it next season.


The Goggles Don’t Lie Video:


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