Best of Ski Resort Marketing 2012/13 – Wachusett Mountain

Best of Ski Resort Marketing 2012/13 – Wachusett Mountain

On your screen the same day – Wachusett Mountain

This blog post is a series of posts on the Best of Ski Resort Marketing from the 2012/13 season. To read the entire article, visit Ski Area Management website.

A well known TV brand in the Boston market, Wachusett Mountain decided to shake things up this season and change their advertising frequency and TV spot length in an effort to stand out, increase frequency and make TV spots more timely.

When some ski resorts shoot their TV commercials the season prior, Wachusett committed to same day turnaround with a date stamp on the spot. Going from the traditional :30 sec and :15 sec TV spots to three :05 sec TV spot in an evening, Wachusetts capitalized on its well known jingle and displayed messages on screen.

I like the idea because people will look at their TV screens based on the mountain jingle and :05 seconds is sufficient to get one message out. The increased frequency will make the TV spots more memorable. In addition to the :05 second spots, the mountain produced weekly “Instant Commercials” to showcase snow quality and up-to-date conditions. TV production is a lot easier and affordable these days and with a decent camera and audio one can get quality production instantaneously – exactly what Wachusett did.

The takeway:  We all live in the “now” moment thanks to social media and technology. It’s nice to see that some ski resorts are trying to bring that same instantaneous message to traditional media channels in addition to their web and social presence.

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