Best Ski Resort Marketing from Park City Resort, Utah

Best Ski Resort Marketing from Park City Resort, Utah

All ski marketers tell lies snow stories – Park City Ski Resort, Utah

This blog post is part of the series dedicated to all ski resorts who created a memorable marketing campaign during the 2012-2013 season. To see the complete write up, visit the Ski Area Management article Best/Worst Marketing 2012/2013.

It’s true! Having lived in the ski resort marketing world for 10+ years, I agree that the job of a ski resort marketer is somewhat (a lot) dependent on Mother Nature.

When it snows, we are heroes, and when it doesn’t… Well, we have to come up with Plan B and Plan C. And sometimes Plan B and Plan C may not be pretty.

I loved this video from the smart folks at Park City Utah who took a playful approach to show the world what a day in the life of a ski resort marketer looks like when it snows and when it doesn’t. Brutally honest, transparent and funny, they showed the good with the bad. “We really wanted to know how hard ski resort marketing really is” tweeted Krista Parry, Director of Marketing at Park City. Great job Park City! Nicely done!

To read the rest of the entries in the Best/Worst of Ski Resort Marketing, visit Ski Area Management article.

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