Brand reputation monitoring tools that won’t break the bank

Brand reputation monitoring tools that won’t break the bank

So many Brand Reputation Monitoring Tools to Choose From

Do you know what people are saying about you, your company or your competitors? Are you checking your online brand reputation daily? if you are a social media manager for a company, I hope the answer is one resounding YES. For those of you, who haven’t gotten in the habit of doing so, below are some of my favorite tools that I often recommend to my clients that won’t break the bank.Brandreputationmonitoringtools

There are more sophisticated tools in the market, however if you are just starting out you are probably not interested in committing to enterprise level software tools right away. But just in case you are, here are some worth researching. A little bit of advice first, do a test trial before committing to any of these, including the ones mentioned below. It’s not worth having any tool if you are not going to spend the time using it. Now, that we are clear, let’s proceed with the tools I recommend to monitor your online brand reputation in no specific order expect for Free and Paid.


FREE Brand Reputation Monitoring Tools

Google Alerts

Google Alert Brandreputationmonitoringtool


Price: FREE

How it works: You set up an alert for any topic that interests you. You’ll get a notification once your topic / keyword has been mentioned. For example, you can create a Google Alert for your own name as I did below and have it delivered to your inbox. You can do the same for another person, a company, your competitors, etc.

Google Alert Brandreputationmonitoringtool

As you can see I have created two Google alerts. One for my name and one for the company name.

Google Alert Brandreputationmonitoringtool

Pros: What I like about Google Alerts is that is a no hassle way to monitor your online reputation or finding out anything of interest to you without having to go online every day and search for it. It’s delivered straight to your inbox so there’s no way you’ll miss it.

Cons: Google Alerts only sends you an email if new articles, blog posts or websites make it into the top 10 Google rankings. If the top results remain the same, you won’t receive an email. It’s a very basic online monitoring tool but if that’s what you need, go for it. Despite all the talk that Google Alerts may be going away, Google is still maintaining the service. So, what’s the alternative?

Social Mention


Price: FREE

How it Works: Social Mention is a real-time social media search engine scouring the web, blogs, social media, images, videos and more. You can search for anything you want and specify what sources to pull data from.

Social Mention Brandreputationmonitoringtool


You can also use the Advanced Search functionality to make your search more focused.

Social Mention Advanced Search Brandreputationmonitoringtool

However, this search returned nothing for me which is one of the things I don’t like about Social Mention.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.17.35 PM

Pros: A more sophisticated tool than Google Alerts, Social Mention can be very useful to discover mentions about your company. It also comes with sentiment analysis, email alert for your search, top users, top keywords and top hashtags.

Cons: It doesn’t always provide accurate results which could be part of the way you set up the search in the first place. I still use social mention on a frequent basis though so overall, a good choice.

If This Than That (IFTT)


Price: FREE

How it Works: If This Than That (IFTT) was created to automate certain workflow and make it easier for you. By creating a “recipe”, you can tell IFTT to do a certain automation. For example, when I post a photo to Instagram, automatically send it to Twitter. I want to warn you, IFTT can be addictive. You can set up not only brand reputation monitoring or things like, gym goals, sleep better, shop smarter, be more productive or be more social.

IFTT Brandreputationmonitoringtool

Pros: Set up a recipe (if “website” mentions your company, send an email) to monitor RSS feeds. Once your company is mentioned in industry articles, you receive an email. Alerts can be sent in different formats, from emails and text messages to native mobile apps, like Calendar, Photos, Reminders or services like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive. So this functionality can be quite useful.

Cons: Although IFTT is great for automating certain things, I like to have a dashboard when monitoring brand reputation. I would personally be more inclined to use Social Mention than IFTT for brand reputation monitoring.

IceRocket (MeltWater)


Price: FREE

How it Works: A real time search engine, acquired by Melt Water which is a paid level PR tool to identify top bloggers and influencers.

Ice rocket Brandreputationmonitoringtool

Pros: IceRocket has merged with MeltWater and provides a good solution for brand reputation monitoring.

Cons: It only monitors blogs and Twitter. The search I conducted came up with mention that is 9 days old! Not really instantaneous in my world but if your company gets more regular updates you may be OK.

These free brand reputation monitoring tools are OK if you are just interested in the overall mentions for your company. If you want to get serious about it, then turning to paid solutions is recommended. The first tool below actually used to be free and that’s how I started using it. It was like Google Alerts on Steroids. Unfortunately, they are no longer offering a free plan. 🙁

PAID Brand Reputation Monitoring Tools




Price: Starting at $29/month for a solo user and 2 mentions and going up from there.

Paid brand reputation tools Brandreputationmonitoringtool

How it Works: Mention monitors the web, social media, forums, images, videos, blogs and the news based on the “alert” you have set up in your system. All mentions are updated in real time. In addition to the stream of mentions, you also have a good looking dashboard with web and Twitter influencers, competitive dashboard, listening dashboard with sentiment analysis, and a Twitter dashboard.

Mention dashboard

Pros: It monitors news, Twitter, images, blogs and forums. It also comes with handy analytics and dashboards that can help you identify your web and Twitter influencers.

Web influencer

Twitter influencer


Cons: You have to pay to use it. Even when you pay, some of the dashboards are not available to use, like the automated reports.



Price: Trackur starts at $97/month. 

Trackur Brandreputationmonitoringtool

How it Works: Trackur provides a real solid social media monitoring tool with influence and sentiment analysis. If you are REALLY serious about your brand reputation but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a month, then Trackur is a solid solution for you.

Pros: I haven’t used this tool in a long time so I can’t comment on it.

Cons: I haven’t used this tool in a long time so I can’t comment on it.

In my experience, I have tried and tested many different tools but I found Mention to be the most user friendly one and the one I kept going back to even after their price increase.

I’d love to hear your experience with brand reputation monitoring tools? What do you use and love / hate?

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