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Lack of time? Information overload?

Not able to stay on top of the latest trends?

Don’t know what’s working in your marketing?

You are not alone.

I talk to hundreds of business owners and the challenges are always the same. This is why I created the Simple Marketing Blueprint. To address your challenges. This is a simple, step-by-step overview. Learn the most important things today to improve your marketing and increase business revenues.

My goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your marketing is working for you. You will focus your efforts, become more confident and get results. Use my 20 years of marketing experience in working with some of the best brands in the world to your advantage. Put in place my marketing tactics to achieve success in your business.

Our Services

Strategic Marketing

We define and execute marketing processes that will make your company win in the marketplace. Your company will gain a sustainable competitive advantage and optimal sales through our solid marketing, web, social and mobile strategy.
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Content Marketing

We identify, create, and curate content that appeals to your unique audience. We focus on attracting your customers through the right channels—and with the right mix of content—to influence consumer behavior and retain customer loyalty.
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Creative Campaigns

We are a marketing innovation powerhouse able to make your business come alive for your customers. Our marketing campaigns get people to take action and spark word-of-mouth about your brand. You don't need a big budget to make a big impact on social media. Get creative »

Social Media Marketing

We tap into online conversations about your company and guide you through the process of connecting with your audience. We show you where people are talking about you, how you can best get involved, and what tactics to implement to grow your online community. We also show you how to connect with influencers and measure your success.
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Online Advertising

We have the know-how to create targeted and effective online advertising campaigns for your business. We'll help boost website traffic and sales with online and social media advertising, get qualified leads to your website, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Get the word out »

Website & Email Marketing

Your website is your first impression. We'll make it count. We'll learn what people are doing when they visit your website, make plans to improve their experience, and get you found on Google. Your website will attract qualified leads through inbound marketing and you'll convert more visitors into customers. Get more out of your efforts »

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Where will you be putting your marketing dollars?

In a world where 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends

ADs served in a Search Engine result

ADs in Newspapers

ADs on Tvs, Magazines, and Billboards


No need to interrupt… Inspire instead.

Most marketers try to grow your business through interrupting people. Here’s what we realize that they don’t - that’s not how people like to be treated - especially your customers.

Your business doesn’t need to resort to interruption. By its nature, your business entertains. It motivates. It unites people. It changes people for the better and promotes a more meaningful way of life. Your customers relate to that message without us having to resort to interruption.

We get your message out through the normal conversations your customers have every day, both online and off, and ignite it with the inspiration your business already holds.

Some of our happy customers

You can’t always trust marketers (we like to tell stories). But you can trust their clients.

  • Milena has been at the forefront of integrating social media into our company culture. Her strategy has helped us develop each of our brands personalities and create a highly effective marketing platform. She is innovative, strategic and a hands on, fun to work with professional.

    Selena Short CEO at NeV Australia (UFC Gym, Crunch Fitness, Hard Candy Fitness and barre3)
  • Milena cuts through the clutter of social media and makes sense of it all for our business. We are now attracting and engaging our members online far more effectively than ever before. Big on service and all about results, Milena is helping us break records and leading our fitness clubs into an exciting future online!

    Jason Gantry – Marketing Manager (Crunch Fitness, Hard Candy Fitness and UFC Gym Australia)
  • I absolutely love working with Milena and her team. I trust her knowledge and the results speak for themselves. Thank you!!

    Jody Franklin, Director of Tourism, El Dorado County Visitor's Authority
  • What started as a short campaign has become a “movement” with over 1,300 amazing photos shared…. and they just keep comin’! This viral and “addictive” movement gives local and visitors and opportunity to share what they love about Truckee. Awesome stats on growth, engagement, reach and impressions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Lynn Saunders, President/CEO at Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce
  • Milena’s spoken at two of our technology conferences, both times on the topic of social media. She’s a great speaker, and her stage presence coupled with the depth and breadth of her social marketing knowledge means her sessions are always popular. Beyond that, she understands how small businesses can best use and apply social to their existing marketing programs, and provides clear examples for our conference attendees.

    Jenn G., organizer

We subscribe to a clear vision.

We are driven by the idea that social networks can be meaningful and businesses of all sizes can use the web to clearly communicate their value.

We believe that each brand has a story to tell and we want to tell it in a way that will amaze and engage. By working with brands in the tourism, health&fitness and lifestyle categories we empower, enrich and improve lives. One marketing campaign at a time.

We’re starting a movement to make the world better.

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