Content that goes viral – one Lake Tahoe ski resort creates a viral effect on social media

Content that goes viral – one Lake Tahoe ski resort creates a viral effect on social media

The lack of snow this year has created plenty of challenges for ski resorts including coming up with engaging content to share on their social networks. I really enjoyed seeing all the posts from all Lake Tahoe ski resorts during and after the last snow storm – from videos and photos to simple updates. After seeing many of my friends reposting one photo from a ski resort to their own Facebook pages, I have to admit the photo had gone viral.

The winner is………….. Mt Rose Ski Resort! With close to 200 likes, 19 comments and most importantly 49 shares, this photo posted by Mt Rose Ski Resort went viral on Facebook and got a lot of traction. And best of all – there were no sales or promotions attached with it. Just two words: POW DAY written in the snow. Short and to the point – but also very needed visual this winter.

Mt Rose pow day

Mt Rose pow day goes viral

Mt Rose realized they had created a small viral effect with the photo and used it again the next day with a clever bottle measurement stick. Once again, people loved it. The content works for their audience too – skiers and apres ski fans. The perfect combination for this photo. At the time of this blog post, the picture had generated over 259 likes, 29 comments and 62 shares.

Mt Rose bottle measurement stick

What makes content go viral on the web? The info graphic below contains excellent tips and ideas as to what will help your content take off on the social web regardless of the type of business you are in. As far as ski resorts go, a good snow storm always helps engagement.

Have you seen any content lately that has gone viral?

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