How to create Facebook custom ads and Facebook lookalike ads in less than 4 min

How to create Facebook custom ads and Facebook lookalike ads in less than 4 min

Facebook advanced advertising options allow marketers to target people not just by gender, interests and geography but by creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Facebook custom ads could target your email database, your customer phone number database or your website visitors as an example. Although it may sound overwhelming, it’s not difficult to create a custom audience on Facebook and I’ll show you how.

Facebook custom ads and Facebook lookalike ads


Facebook advertising reaches 1.13 billion people with most of them while they are on their mobile phones.

Facebook reach

Facebook advertising can be extremely targeted and affordable for small businesses. Business owners are slowly moving their money from traditional advertising channels (radio, TV, newspapers) to the screen (desktop, mobile, tablet). Social media advertising is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue in 2017.

Take advantage of the time people spend on devices and build up more interest in your business.

Here’s a short video of how to create a custom audience and a lookalike audience on Facebook in less than 4 min.



After watching the video, go ahead and follow these three steps:

  1. Get your customer database ready
  2. Upload it to your Audiences in Facebook Business Manager
  3. Create a lookalike custom audience

That’s it. You are ready to start creating ads that will target your customers instead of some random people on Facebook.

If you need help setting up your Facebook Business Manager, setting up Facebook ads and Instagram ads, review this powerpoint presentation. You will find additional videos in there that will help you follow along. You can also visit my YouTube Channel to see all of my video tips.

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