On customer service and social media

On customer service and social media

There has been a lot of talk lately about the United video on YouTube and how it has affected United Airlines performance. After United Airlines broke Dave Carrol’s guitar and wasted 9 months of his time in excuses, he wrote a song about the horrible experience and posted it on YouTube. Over 3 million people so far have seen the video and it ranks number 3 on Google when someone searches for “United Airlines”. Nielsen wrote an excellent post on the subject that you can read here. Lessons learned from this experience:

1. The Power of One has become even stronger thanks to User Generated Content. Thanks to the power of social media one person’s horrible customer experience with your company can be seen by millions of people. Don’t let this happen to your company.

2. Are you listening on the social web? You should be monitoring what’s been said about your brand, your product and service online. There are many free tools to allow you to listen to what people are saying about you. If you catch something negative early you may be able to address the situation before it turns into a public relations nightmare.

3. Social media content gets high rankings on search engines. This could be good for you when you intentionally try to improve your search rankings with your social media efforts. It could also be very bad for you and take you a lot of money to correct as in the case of the United video.

4. Use social media to promote your excellent customer service. Social media can very fast turn bad customer experience with your company in a public relations nightmare. Many cases come to mind, such as Domino’s Pizza, Dell computer catching fire on YouTube or AOL not letting people unsubscribe from their service. However, social media can also be used to promote your brand in a positive light.

Below are two examples of how YouTube can become a very effective way to showcase how great your customer service is:

How about Southwest Airlines customer service videos on YouTube? There are so many of them that it was hard to pick just one that sums it all up. I found a video that shows a flight attendant rapping the safety rules prior to take off. It’s a great way to turn a not so pleasant experience into an engaging and entertaining experience on the airplane and one that customers will remember and talk about.

Here’s another great video of how powerful one individual can be to your brand and to the bottom line. Johnny the bagger came up with a simple idea to give something unique to his customers which transformed the whole grocery store into a welcoming and happy place for people while contributing to the bottom line.

5 lessons learned:

1. The Power of One can do wonders for your company or turn in a public relations nightmare. Customer service is all about how your employees engage with your customers. How pleased or dissatisfied your customers are with your product or service.
2. Make sure that your customers are beyond satisfied with your company and they recommend your services and products to  their friends and family.
3. Only after you have accomplished amazing customer service, you can hope to get referrals through Word-of-Mouth.
4. Word-of-mouth is free. With the right amount of word of mouth you may not need to advertise.
5. Make sure you measure customer service with surveys and Net Promoter Score and establish benchmarks for yourself. Without measurements you don’t know if your customer service has improved or worsened. There are plenty of ways you can measure customer service. Net Promoter Score is measured by asking your customers: ‘Would you recommend this service to your family and friends?”. You can calculate your promoters this way and know exactly where you stand and measure yourself against your industry averages.

Let me know what you think of customer service and how you are implementing employee training and measuring customer service at your business. I’m interested to hear.

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