Diamond Peak Facebook Contest a Huge Success

Diamond Peak Facebook Contest a Huge Success

Facebook is the Number one source of traffic to Diamond Peak Ski Resort‘s website for the last month, following a well thought out social media strategy, planning, fun contest and a great execution.

Based on our Google Analytics reports, Facebook surpassed traffic from Google and from our own domain name in the past one month. How did we accomplish this success? I can’t give you all the details, as the information is confidential but I can tell you that traffic from Facebook surpassed traffic from online places where we actually spend money promoting the resort. I should also add that we purchased pay per click advertising on Facebook for our season pass sale yet the total amount doesn’t even come close to the overall advertising budget we have allocated to promote our season pass sale. Considering it’s season pass sale time and we actually invested marketing dollars to promote it,  I consider the incredible amount of traffic from Facebook as a proof that social media really works. Some of the important elements that went into creating this successful campaign were:

1. Social Media Strategy – We spent time creating a social media strategy based on our business and marketing objectives. And I don’t just mean spend a day. We spent months creating our social media strategy. We didn’t just create a Facebook page for the sake of using this new tool. We actually thought about it first,  created a strategy with our objectives in mind and executed it well.

2. Staff involvement – social media is free but it takes time. You will need to find people on your staff who can help with the content. You can’t do everything on your own. Teamwork is important when it comes to continuing the conversation on social media.I have to thank my team for seeing the value in social media, putting in the hours to really understand it and staying on top of it. You guys are great!

Diamond Pete on Ellis Peak

Diamond Pete on Ellis Peak

3. Engaging content – we ran a contest on Facebook for a month with “Where is Diamond Pete“, the mascot for the resort. Pete went to different places, such as Hawaii, West Shore of Lake Tahoe, the Reno Air Races,  all along North Shore and various places in Incline Village and Diamond Peak. We took photos of Pete and posted them on Facebook. People guessed where the photo was taken and the winner of the day received a small gift of appreciation from Diamond Peak. At the end of the month (the contest is not over yet), we are going to pull one winner – the person who had the most correct guesses each day and was the first to identify the location. This person is going to win a Holiday Pass to Diamond Peak and a season locker to their favorite ski resort.

4. Giveaways – although they are not mandatory for engaging content, people love getting swag. As there is a chance to win something much bigger at the end of the month, there is even more motivation to participate every day.

5. Follow up – On a daily basis we log in and engage with our followers. Our followers have increased dramatically since we started running the contest and they engage with Diamond Peak daily. It doesn’t take much time to monitor the contest and respond to people. It shows that you are actively engaged and excited about the contest.

We have planned some excellent contests for the near future. Become a fan of Diamond Peak on Facebook today so you don’t miss out.

Let’s discuss social media measurements. You can measure many things in this example: number of fans on Facebook, number of people who participated in the contest, traffic to the website, and by using the Facebook insights you can get a lot more hard data on your visitors. I’m not sure how to put hard numbers behind people’s engagement with Diamond Peak in Sep. It’s still summer and besides our season pass sale, there is not much else going on right now on the mountain except for the busy work that goes into making sure the mountain is ready to open. We are keeping in touch with our customers, listening to their suggestions and getting them excited about the ski season. We are creating relationships and strengthening existing ones. That’s why it’s called Social Media – Social.Media.

What do you think about this contest? Have you heard about any other fun contests on Facebook or on social media that have been successful? How do you measure your efforts?

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  1. Tobias Plumley

      |   reply

    Nice work I like the plan. However I have some questions mainly due to my lack of experience with analyzing social media impacts.

    My point of view of social media is it is more targeted to your “extreme” consumers. i.e. people that really love your product or people that really hate your product. Obviously you want more people to love your product than hate but both are target audiences that marketing dollars are least effective. Trying to convince someone who hates your product to buy it is not worth your time/dollars and someone who loves your product does not need much convincing to buy your product and hence not worth your a lot of your time/dollars (Obviously you don’t want to neglect them however).

    So I feel that social media is a great medium to increase your “net promoter score” (i.e. more positive feedback than negative) for your brand/product. So my question is how do you use traditional marketing methods to influence the consumers with no real emotion, positive or negative, for your brand to engage in social media? Or do you? Do you let your extreme loyalists recruit for you? Do you make your social media engaging enough that people experience the social media before they actually experience your product? And on a side note how do you put a value to a Facebook fan? Life time value of a customer is a hard enough calculation that I wonder if it’s worth analyzing the value of a FB fan?

    Anyway just some thoughts.


    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Hi Tobias,
      Thank you for your comments and thoughts. Let me try to answer your questions. People talk about your brand. They use social media to discuss their experience – good or bad. Social media is just that – Social.Media. The conversation about Diamond Peak is already happening. By being involved in social media we can try to control the conversation and show that we are actively engaging with our customers. Obviously, our Facebook fans are our most loyal customers. Some of them are probably current or past employees. They are very familiar with the mountain. It’s a great way for us to keep our most loyal customers engaged and let them know what’s happening at Diamond Peak. A Facebook fan has an average of 250 people. Multiply this number by the number of fans on Diamond Peak (about 700) and potentially you can reach 175,000 people – all for free. Social media is about having a conversation with your customers – it’s a two way dialogue. You can use it to bounce ideas off, increase your brand awareness, customer service, test a new product, etc. There is a big cost associated with doing these things with traditional media. We are in the process of building a platform – our community. Let’s say we produce and purchase a TV ad. It’s a great ad, people love it, they come to ski, season is over. Done. No one remembers it next season. With social media, once you have your online community, you have created your tribe and they will follow you – like you said for life, if you play nice. Even with traditional media you try to reach your target audience – you try to get people to believe you and buy your product. It’s not much different with social media. And yes, the power of word of mouth by your most loyal customers can be huge now thanks to social media. Diamond Peak is very loved by many people and we get excellent reviews and write ups. We are fortunate to be in this situation. We love being a part of the community. How do you put a value on a Facebook fan? How do you put a value on your relationship with your wife? You can’t always measure everything in hard numbers. Enough with the eyeballs, CPMs, and impressions. How about some honest marketing and great word of mouth that will sustain a business in hard economy?? Let me know if this answered your questions. Thanks for the discussion!

  2. Lutricia

      |   reply

    Thank you Tobias, for your questions and Melina for your response. That’s very helpful for me to continue making the case for Social Media here at Ski Roundtop!

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