Digital marketing and social media trends

Digital marketing and social media trends

This week, I picked a few interesting articles and resources that resonated with me and hopefully they will be valuable to you. Just remember, it’s OK to break the social media rules every once a while and see what happens!

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In This Issue: Breaking the Social Media Rules, Key Content Shifts in Travel Marketing, How We Consume Content and What It Means for Your Marketing.

I love reading social media case studies like this one. We read and talk a lot about what is the right thing to do on social media. But few are brave enough to step outside of the norm, experiment and see what happens. So, as long as you can measure your experiment why not try something different? Maybe your audience will like it? Maybe your engagement will go up? Maybe you will become a leader in your industry? Or maybe you will fail? But so what? At least you tried it.

Want to know what are the latest content trends for travel marketers? How about video content? Check out the article from Tnooz on video content. What are you currently doing with video? You may want to ramp up your efforts. Cisco is showing that 75% of all mobile data traffic will be video by 2020. Wow!

Heidi Cohen writes about content marketing. I’m personally aware that I’m in front of 1 – 4 screens most of my day. I stopped sleeping with my iPhone but now my iPad has taken the place next to the bed. See how people consume content and what you need to do from a marketing perspective to get their attention.

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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful to all my clients and supporters. Thank you for reading my blog post and being a fan!

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