Lufthansa travel nightmares

Lufthansa travel nightmares

I just had the worst experience ever on my trip from the USA to Europe. I can understand problems with volcanoes but this is getting crazy.

First, the plane was delayed from Philadelphia to Frankfurt.

Second, a passanger threw up on my in the plane. The most disgusting experience in my life.

Of course, I missed my connection flight to Sofia and had to sit in line for over 2 hours to rebook. With the vomit all over me. Horrible experience.

The next plane to Bulgaria wasn’t until 9 hours later. I managed to find a shower for $8 at the airport. Washed my clothes and walked around in wet clothes until I found a store to buy some new ones. That meant going through multiple check points and passport checks.

Finally, with new clothes (another expense of about $150) and 9 hours at Frankfurt airport (another expensive stay) I got to Sofia to find out that my bag didn’t make it. Now, 30 hours later, Lufthansa still can’t find my bag. It’s not available in the system. What kind of a shitty system is that?Where is my bag? Still in Philadelphia, in Frankfurt or somewhere else in the world????

I have contacted Lufthansa in the US and in Bulgaria. They can’t seem to help me. Their online form doesn’t work. What is one supposed to do? I need my bag. I need a refund on all purchases I have made for this trip so far.

I’m taking my complaint to the social media world and I will not stop until I have a resolution. All of you Lufthansa people if you are listening on the web here’s a shitty customer experience that will damage your brand. Jump on on it. FAST!

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  1. Bret Simmons

      |   reply

    Wow, that is a nightmare! What was it about you that made another passenger so sick? 🙂

    I’ve always had good luck with Lufthansa. I do hate their transfer systems at the airports in Germany, but other than that my flights have been good.

    Have you tried twitter?

    Hope the rest of your trip improves!

  2. Alison

      |   reply

    Well I can certainly understand your frustration and approach after reading this. Unfortunately there is no new information in your delayed luggage file right now. The best advice I can give you is to verify the information we have already recorded and provide any additional information about the suitcase i.e. brand name, pattern or marks on the outside or something unique inside the bag that will quickly distinquish your bag in the event the tag was separated from your suitcase. You can view the report online at

    Please also keep receipts for any immediate necessities you purchase and send them to customer relations when you get back home.

    I have already notified Customer Relations so they are expecting to hear from you.

    Lufthansa German Airlines
    Social Media Marketing

  3. Milena Regos

      |   reply

    Alison, thank you for the response. It’s been 3 days now and my bag is still missing. There’s still no information in the system as to the whereabouts of the bag. I’m visiting my family until the end of the month. When can I expect to receive my bag? I have personal and business needs with regards to purchases. What do you consider “immediate necessities”? I need Lufthansa to find my bag.

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  5. Louise Boulton-Lear

      |   reply

    Hi Milena,

    I came across your post after seraching for “Lufthansa, Reimbursement lost baggage”.

    I feel your pain! I have just returned from a 10 day trip to the UK – connecting via Frankfurt on 12/24. I had 2 well packed (and full of gifts for the family) duffell bags that were ominously sitting on the tarmac as we all filed on to the plane bound for the UK. Needless to say the bags never made it to the UK…but I did snap a pic to show that they were with me in Frankfurt.
    The spectacularly inept and unacceptable level of customer service that we have experienced, and the incomplete and inaccurate
    information we received regarding our missing luggage, as paying customers, from Lufthansa during our trip, defies belief – and certainly doesn’t uphold the brand promise.

    It’s now January 4th, and I am back home in the States. Sans bags…or any sign of them.

    Snow happens every winter and is beyond Lufthansa’s control. However, IT IS LUFTHANSA’S
    RESPONSIBILITY to have effective and efficient systems in place to handle lost bags. I’m not
    upset about lost bags, I’m upset about the ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE of Lufthansa’s recovery process.

    Any tips as to where I can actually file a claim that will be processed, I don’t have any faith for the customer service portals on the web…

    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Sorry to hear about it. The best advice I can give you is to file their online form- over and over again. They ended up refunding me for the clothes and other expenses I had to make while without my bag. I hope they do the same for you. It was very disappointing for me to find out they don’t have a phone number to call for customer support. Unless you live on the East Coast and can go to their office, the online form is the only way to communicate with them. Good luck with it and keep me posted on how it develops! All the best, Milena

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