Drunken Neighbors Band Live from Lake Tahoe

Drunken Neighbors Band Live from Lake Tahoe

We first saw this band live at our wedding party on Aug 2, 2003. We invited them to play at our party and they were fun and got everyone in a great mood. A bottle of Jack Daniels helped them get through the long hours in the rain.

They didn’t have a CD back then. They do now. It’s called “Smoken Earl”. I think they are still putting their website together. Once it’s live I’ll link to it here.

I just happened to run into them at a bloc party over 4th of July weekend and took some video of their excellent performance. They are funky, original and engaging. What would you say their music is? Rock? Let me know. In any case, I like it. Go Drunken Neighbors.

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  1. Dave Wilderotter

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    Hi Maliena… Do you have Dean of the drunken neighbor s contact info?

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