Facebook Marketing Measurements

Facebook Marketing Measurements

We all know that clicks do not equal sales. Watch this short video from Facebook Marketing to get a better understanding on how to measure your Facebook efforts.

This video will review four important measurements for your brand: Reach, Resonance, Reaction and Consumer Insights. Watch time: 18:36 before the Q&A. 

  1. Facebook Reach includes paid, organic and viral and they are all good measurements to keep an eye on for how your brand is performing on Facebook.
  2. Facebook uses research polls to measure brand resonance and they are highly representative with high correlation between online and offline behavior.
  3. Friends contribute to 50% higher ad recall.
  4. Use Page Insights to see what content resonates with your community and use this to improve your paid ads. I also recommend PageLever as a great tool to measure your Facebook efforts.
  5. Reaction could be a sign up for an email list, play a game or a sale. Facebook studies show that well run campaigns on Facebook generate ROI of 3 or greater.
  6. Consumer Insights – what is the value of a fan? They are your most loyal customer, well-versed with your product and capable of influencing their friends, generating viral reach. Facebook fans are real fans. Friends of fans are top customers as well.

Watch live streaming video from fbmarketingtalks at livestream.com

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