Facebook Tools and Technologies (Part 1 of 5)

Facebook Tools and Technologies (Part 1 of 5)

This begins a series of 5 posts on useful Facebook Tools and Technologies. The first one is on How to Build your Business Facebook Page and position it for maximum success.

The entire series will focus on:

Truckee FB1

Let’s start off with some Facebook DOs and DON’Ts


  1. Make your Facebook page visually appealing.
  2. Use high quality photos for your Facebook cover image and profile picture. This will grab the attention of your followers and give off a professional appearance. If you are running a campaign you may want to use a call to action on your timeline cover as well as in the example below.

Truckee FB














3. Use your company’s logo for the profile picture. This is a smart way of making your company’s page easily identifiable and helps to brand your company.

4. Size all of your images appropriately. Take a look at this post on Image Specifications for Facebook in order to properly size your images so that they do not appear stretched or pixelated.

5. Update your Facebook page daily with engaging and interesting content. You can even update your Facebook page multiple times per day as long as you don’t over-do it.

6. Use an image for each Facebook post. Ideally, these should be images owned by your company or images you have the rights to use.

7. Vary the type of content you post. For instance, How To Videos/Tutorials, links to your blog’s most recent posts, motivational quotes, tips on using your product (or showcase how your product is different from your competitor’s), publish company events and photos, introduce your employees, discuss new developments for your company, ask your followers questions that effect your brand and/or are fun for them to answer, relevant trivia questions.

8. Engage with other local companies on Facebook. “Like”, comment on, or share their content. This will show your followers where your interests are and will also encourage the companies you engage with to help your brand out as well.

9. Stay relevant. It’s great to post funny/wacky content periodically, but try to stay as relevant to your brand as possible. For fun and engaging material that is not outwardly relevant, use copy in your post that links it to your brand.

10. Create simple hashtags that your followers can use on all social networks. This will encourage them to share their experience with your company and brand using your hashtag, and therefore will grow your online presence and community.

11. Include Calls to Action in your posts. For instance, “Like this post if you’re coming to our Winemaker’s Dinner on Saturday!” OR “Fill in the blank: My favorite place to travel to on the weekend is _______.”  OR “#trivia: Which 1970’s duo sang the popular song, I Got You, Babe?” etc. This will not only increase your follower engagement, but will also expand the reach of the post. Read this very helpful article: These Are the Types of Posts People Share the Most on Facebook and see an example of an engaging post below:

LT North1


  1. Build a page that no one would recognize as your company’s page. For instance, don’t use a Hawaiian sunset photo for your profile image if you’re a book store.
  2. Post too frequently on your page. This will annoy your followers (unless they are very loyal to your brand), and cause many of them to “unlike” your page.
  3. Leave your page static.  Make an effort to update your Facebook page daily, or at least several times per week.
  4. Continually publish the same type of posts. For instance, avoid posting ALL articles, or ALL quotes. Make sure you’re giving your followers enough variation to keep them on their toes.
  5. Post boring copy.  Make sure the copy for each of your posts is enlightening, and/or engaging. Posting copy that is dead or neutral will not encourage your followers to “like”, share, or comment on your posts.
  6. Leave your followers hanging. Be sure to respond to comments and messages on Facebook, ideally within 24 hours of the follower posting said comment or question.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to “pimp” your Facebook page.  Remember to size your cover image at 851 x 315 pixels. Here are some great ideas for keeping your Facebook page eye-catching and also effective from a marketing standpoint:

Step up your cover image by using a beautiful (and relevant!) image with text overlay, such as a call-to-action. For instance, your cover image can display your company’s hashtag, prompting your followers to use the hashtag:


If you have an event you would like to promote, use an image with brief information regarding the event:


Use Facebook app section of your page wisely!  You can add other social media icons, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, or you can showcase sweepstakes (more on sweepstakes in a future post), upcoming events, or allow your followers to subscribe to your blog through email. We love using Woobox, Shortstack, and Heyo in order to optimize Facebook apps.


Finally, use abbreviated bit.ly links for the links you share on Facebook. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, long links can be distracting to the reader. You don’t want the reader to get caught up on the link and not read the entire post. Second, bit.ly links are trackable, which means you can determine how many people have clicked on them. This tells you how effective your post was, and what your followers are interested in.

You can also use the same bit.ly link across all social media and your blog, which means you can determine the number of people who clicked the link from which avenue. This will tell you which social media presence is strongest for your company (whether it be Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc.), and enable you to focus or re-direct your efforts to ensure maximum exposure for your brand. See an example of effective use of a bit.ly link below –

El Dorado

You can view the full presentation of Facebook Tools and Technologies Below.  Be sure to stay tuned for more helpful hints on building and growing your company’s Facebook page!

And that concludes Part 1 in our 5-part series on Facebook Tools and Technologies.

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