Facebook Tools and Technologies (Part 2 of 5)

Facebook Tools and Technologies (Part 2 of 5)

Howdy! Welcome back to our series on Facebook Tools and Technologies.

In this series, we are discussing:

Series 1 – How to Build a Business Facebook Page
Series 2 – Utilizing your Facebook Applications
Series 3 – Facebook Ads
Series 4 – Time Saving Tips – how to schedule ahead/editorial calendar
Series 5 – Measuring Progress: Facebook Insights and other Facebook measurements
For part one of this series, you learned how to make your business’s Facebook page visually appealing through using eye-catching images for the cover photo, timeline, and profile picture. You were given the correct image specifications so that you can size all of your images on Facebook to make them appear as intended.
Today, we focus on Utilizing your Facebook Applications Wisely. Specifically, we will cover using Facebook apps for Sweepstakes and Contests, Social Pages, Events, and more!
1. Use platforms such as Heyo Woobox or ShortStack to streamline your Facebook apps.  Because there is ample room to customize your apps, you might as well do so!  Take El Dorado County (shown below) for instance. They showcase their Instagram and Twitter social pages, so that followers can click on the icons and follow them through other social media networks. This is an easy way of building followers on networks other than Facebook and is great for your Facebook followers because they do not have to search for your other social media profiles.
EL Dorado
2. You can use platforms such as Heyo to create effective sweepstakes and contests, and also integrate those contests into your Facebook apps. Depending on the goal of your sweepstakes, whether it be to increase Facebook likes, collect images from followers, conduct a poll or survey, or simply spur engagement on social media, there is a great deal of versatility with these platforms.
Take Squaw Valley‘s Sochi Daily Giveaway Sweepstakes for instance. Each day during the Sochi Olympics, Squaw Valley Ski Resort gave away a pair of skis. Participants entered the sweepstakes through Squaw Valley’s Facebook page, and the campaign was built using Heyo. This sweepstakes generated over 1,700 new “likes” for Squaw Valley, and over 2,500 people entered to win skis.  Sweepstakes and Contests are a great way of increasing the visibility and presence of your company’s Facebook page.
Your sweepstakes and contests can be “fan gated,” meaning, you can require someone to “like” your page in order to access the contest or enter the sweepstakes. See below:
fan gate
3. Use Woobox to add apps to your Facebook page. You can add a Sweepstakes/Contest app, or even add other social media account icons. This way, your followers are aware of how else they can follow you and also how they can engage with your brand.
FB Apps
4. Facebook is a great way to showcase your company’s events. Creating events on Facebook is quick, easy, free, and helps spread the word about your event. In this way, your followers can see they are able to rely on your company’s Facebook page to learn about upcoming events and will also spark the interest of those who are less familiar with your company. Inevitably, using Facebook apps to create an event will cause more people to attend.
5. Lastly, you can also display the amount of “likes” your Facebook page has, your albums and photos, as well as a map to help guide potential customers to your establishment. All of these are useful tools for helping your followers understand what your company is all about.
Remember Facebook apps are there for a reason: to help you market your company. What you choose to do with the apps is up to you. Ultimately, you know (or will quickly find out) what your customers and potential customers are interested in knowing about your company and how they like to interact with it through social media. Tailor your Facebook apps to help facilitate this process and connect with your followers!
This concludes part 2 of our series of 5 blog posts on Facebook Tools and Technologies. Until next time, you can view the entire presentation on Facebook Tools and Technologies by taking a look at the slideshow below!

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