Facebook Tools and Technologies Series (Part 4 of 5): Time Saving Tips for Facebook Marketing

Facebook Tools and Technologies Series (Part 4 of 5): Time Saving Tips for Facebook Marketing

Welcome back to our Facebook Tools and Technologies Series. In this series we are going to discuss Time Saving Tips for Facebook Marketing.

The entire series includes:

Series 1 – How to Build a Facebook Business Page

Series 2 – Utilizing your Facebook Applications

Series 3 – Facebook Ads for Social Media ROI


Series 5 – Measuring what counts on Facebook – from Facebook Insights (free) to more advanced Facebook measuring tools – stay tuned


Plan Ahead: Establish a Content Publishing Schedule (Editorial Calendar)

No other tip is as important as this one. To better manage your Facebook marketing time, it’s important to establish a content publishing schedule or editorial calendar. Build an editorial calendar of special dates you need to remember, when content is going to be published (so you can share it on social networks), and other specifics. Keep this calendar in Dropbox or in Google Drive. (This works especially if you have team members who will need access to these specific dates.)

 Once you’ve completed your editorial calendar, it’s time to schedule your  Facebook posts. Try to schedule as much as you can. Here are two tools that allow you to schedule Facebook posts.



Facebook Scheduler

The Facebook scheduler is an excellent tool for scheduling Facebook posts.Scheduling Facebook posts using the Facebook scheduler is easy. First, write the post on your business’ profile page, and not from the page’s newsfeed. Once you’ve finished writing your post, look for the clock symbol underneath you post. Click on it and schedule away.

Want to edit or reschedule your posts? Facebook recently updated business page layouts.  For updated Facebook business pages, scheduled Facebook posts can be found by clicking on the Activity tab in the upper left-hand row above your Facebook timeline cover photo. On the next page in the left-hand column, find “Scheduled Posts.”


A note of caution about the Facebook scheduler: glitches can occur. Check-in on your page to make sure posts are posting properly.


Post Planner

Post Planner is a Facebook marketing app that will help you “free up two hours of your time daily.” They even say the app will help your posts become more viral and and “triple your likes, shares, and clicks.” You can use it free, or sign up and purchase different plans.


You can view the entire Facebook Tools and Technologies presentation below. Stay tuned for the final part of our series,  where we’ll talk about measuring what counts on Facebook: from Facebook Insights (free) to more advanced Facebook measuring tools.

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    Nice tutorial, most of this should be done by anybody who is serious about doing Facebook marketing. Wanted to add one more thing to the scheduling part – there are better ways to do the scheduling on pages, groups and your wall. It’s called Mass Planner – http://www.massplanner.com/ it can do a lot more than scheduling, it will help you with a lot of tedious tasks and you can also schedule posts on Pinterest boards

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