Facebook Tools and Technologies Series (Part 5 of 5): Measuring What Counts on Facebook

Facebook Tools and Technologies Series (Part 5 of 5): Measuring What Counts on Facebook

In this final part of our series “Facebook Tools and Technology”, we look at ways to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing.

In our earlier posts there were lots of tips for attracting and converting new Facebook fans:

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Series 5 – Measuring what counts on Facebook

What to measure and why

Facebook marketers are somewhat obsessed with ‘reach’ i.e. the number of people who can possibly see your post, because this is our effective audience and it is falling. Changes in the newsfeed algorithm mean that Facebook is becoming a ‘pay to pay’ platform; if we want to reach people, we need to advertise.

But what other measurements should we look at and how can we maximise our organic (non-paid) reach?

When are your fans online?

Under Insights > Posts you can see the days and times your fans are online. Hover over each day to see the peak times for that day.

when are your Facebook fans online? Facebook analytics

Action: Schedule your future posts to coincide with the time and day that the maximum number of your fans are online.

Tip: as this just shows one week’s data, download the post-level export to access and analyse older information.

export Facebook data for greater insights

What posts are resonating most with your audience?

Engagement reflects your brand’s ability to resonate with its audience and it also impacts how many people see your posts, so identifying engaging posts is critical.

Go to Insights > Posts > Post Types to see what type of post got most interaction.

Scroll down to All Posts Published and click on ‘Engagement’ to show your most engaging posts in the last few months.

Facebook Insights - most engaging posts

For more details on engagement, click on the post link. Here you can also see ‘Negative Feedback’, which shows how many people hid this post, all of your posts, reported as spam or unliked your page from this post.

Negative feedback on Facebook posts

Action: Depending on your goal (clicks / likes, comments, shares), identify the types and times of posts that most resonated with your audience and those that resulted in negative feedback.

Who are your fans?

Under Insights > People you will find demographic, language and location details of your fans and how they compare to all Facebook users. Hover over any of the graph blocks for more details.

Who are your fans on Facebook?

Action: Compare your overall fanbase to those who you have reached and have engaged with you to determine whether you are reaching your target audience, or identify an engaged audience of which you were unaware.

Powerful new Audience Insights

Facebook is releasing powerful new Audience Insights to all page admins. If you don’t have access yet you will soon; it will be a menu item in your Ads Manager.

Audience Insights provides even more detail on the demographics and lifestyle of your fans and other groups of Facebook users, giving useful insight into audience behaviour and allowing you to filter and target for future advertising. For more details, check out Facebook expert Jon Loomer’s assessment of this new feature.

Applications of Insights

So what can you do with these great new insights?

As outlined, you can post content that your fans love at times when they are active on Facebook.

Why not use Insights data to build buyer personas to assist in building a new website or broader marketing campaign?

Test market new products, services or marketing campaigns by identifying which resonate most with your audience. Identify new target markets and demographics and tailor content and even services to these audiences.

This concludes the Facebook Tools and Technology series, we hope you found it useful. For an overview of the series, view the presentation below.

[slideshare id=30278758&doc=facebook-20tools-20-26-20tech-ncet-140121191654-phpapp01]


Contact us to see how you can mine Facebook Insights to reach and engage a wider audience or leave us a comment to let us know how you are using Insights.

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