First annual Reno-Lake Tahoe social media survey results

First annual Reno-Lake Tahoe social media survey results

Reno Lake Tahoe social media survey resultsThe first annual Reno Lake Tahoe social media survey results are in.

100 Reno and Lake Tahoe social media marketers gave us their insight into their social media activities.

Use this report to compare your efforts, benchmark against your peers and see where you can improve. Find out what and how social media marketers measure in Lake Tahoe and Reno, how much resources – time and money to dedicate to social media, what are the main challenges and biggest benefits from using social media marketing.

Major findings from the first annual Reno Lake Tahoe social media survey:
  • Marketers place high emphasis on social media marketing, with 88% indicating they use social media marketing for their business.
  • Top 3 challenges for marketers: time, measuring effectiveness and increasing engagement.
  • Top 3 benefits of social media marketing: increased brand awareness, connecting with new and existing customers and increased marketing effectiveness.
  • Top 5 social media networks/tools for marketers: Facebook, Twitter, video, blog and LinkedIn.
  • Social media marketing takes a lot of time: majority of marketers are spending over 8 hours/week.
  • Social media marketing outsourcing is underutilized. Only 24% of marketers are outsourcing all or parts of it.
  • Reach (fans, followers) is still the most measured activity of social media marketing.
  • Top 3 things marketers would do if they had more resources: Create a viral campaign, Get more likes/followers and create a social media strategy.
  • Budget changes: majority of marketers are planning to increase their social media budget by 5-15%.

First annual Reno-Lake Tahoe social media survey

Take a look at the report yourself, share it with colleagues and your staff and use it to improve your business. If you are interested in participating in next year’s survey, please, email

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  1. danherr

      |   reply

    It is interesting to me that everyone wants to hit a home run with social media by having a “viral” campaign instead of focusing more on making sure that you build and enrich the relationships with the customers you already have.

    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Yes, very good observation. Every one wants to create that viral campaign.

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