Free E-kit to help you understand Web Marketing for Tourism

Free E-kit to help you understand Web Marketing for Tourism

Tourism EKit

Leave it to my Australian friends to create a useful and practical free resource for tourism web marketing. Funded by the Australian State and Territory Tourism offices and created by the National Online Strategy Committee in Australia this comprehensive online marketing ekit is for the tourism industry and covers off a variety of basic and advanced topics. The free web marketing for tourism eKit covers fundamentals and advanced topics to get your tourism business off the ground or refine your existing strategy. As the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse  says on their website, this e-kit was “Written by experts but understood by everyone”.

The e-kit includes various topics that you can download by themselves if you are not interested in the entire package. It also gives you approximate reading time for each.
Topics include:

* Step-by-step tutorials on e-marketing
* Hundreds of online marketing resources
* Social Media marketing
* Pay per click campaigns
* Email marketing
* Tracking and reporting
* Online distribution

You can download the e-kit from the ATDW website here. Leave me a comment and let me know how you used it and what you liked about it. Have you seen something similar in the US? Please, let me know and enjoy your reading.

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