Free Reno-Tahoe Social Media Survey Results

Free Reno-Tahoe Social Media Survey Results

Reno Tahoe Social Media Survey Results from Third Annual survey are now available to download for free.

Reno Tahoe Social Media Survey Results 2014

The results from the Third Annual Reno Tahoe social media survey are now available for download for free from Out&About Marketing. Scroll down for details and to get your free copy of the report. The objective results provide 16 pages of detailed data allowing you to compare to local businesses regarding time and money spent on social media marketing, tracking and measurement preferences, best practices, budget allocation and more.

“We are excited to present companies and organizations in the Reno-Tahoe area with a FREE download of the Social Media Survey Results for a third year in a row. We appreciate the time everyone put forward in this effort and hope that this report becomes a valuable resource and reference for marketers in the area”, said Milena Regos, Principal of Out&About Marketing.

In 2014, Out&About Marketing conducted their Third Annual Social Media Survey in the Reno-Tahoe area. The survey results are now ready for marketers in the region to read and see how they rank against everyone else.

Over 100 marketers participated in the survey this year, a similar number of participants to last year’s survey. Download the complete report below and get deep insights to help you benchmark your company against everyone else in the area.

Discover how much time and money companies spend, what and how are your peers measuring in Reno-Tahoe, what are the main challenges everyone is facing and what are the main benefits from using social media. Use this report to figure out where you are excelling and where you need to up your activities.

What you will find in this report:

  • Who participated in the survey broken down by industry/type of business.
  • Biggest challenges with social media marketing.
  • Time and money resources for social media marketing and digital marketing.
  • Benefits of social media marketing.
  • Commonly used social networks for business.
  • What and how are marketers currently measuring with their social media marketing.
  • How will marketers change their activities in the next year.
  • How much money are marketers dedicating to digital and social media marketing.
  • How are marketing budgets and social media budgets going to change.
  • What would marketers like to do if they had more resources.
  • Who’s doing it best in the Reno-Tahoe area in social media.

The report includes graphs and charts and comparison to the 2013  survey. Download it below and arm yourself with knowledge and information to improve your own digital marketing and social media efforts in the Reno-Tahoe area.


Those interested in participating in the Reno Tahoe Social Media 2015 survey and/or learning how Out&About Marketing can help your digital and social media marketing efforts are encouraged to contact us below








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