FREE Social Media Marketing ROI Template

Free Social Media Marketing ROI Template



Grab your free social media marketing Return on Investment (ROI) cheat sheet now!

As more marketers move budget spend to social media activities, the importance of measuring Return on Investment (ROI) is increasing.


But what should you measure, and how?

That will depend on your business type, business goals, the campaign objectives, the marketing tactics used and other factors. That’s why you need a range of metrics to choose from, so you can select the ones that suit your business and campaigns.


What’s in it for me?

Your free ROI cheat sheet contains:

  • 40 important metrics to choose from
  • Clever ideas for measuring:
    • revenue
    • cost reduction
    • customer engagement
    • brand sentiment
  • ‘How to’ guide to using the ROI metrics
  • Calculated ROI examples for each metric category

So what are you waiting for? Get measuring!