How NOT to get hired

How NOT to get hired

How not to get hiredPeople have difficulties understating why they can’t get hired. Whether you are just graduating from school and looking for your first full time opportunity, or you’ve had work experience but are looking to find something that suits you better, the reasons below are good points to keep in mind when applying for your next job.

1. You have typos in your cover letter and your resume. This is a big pet peeve for me and a rule I will continue to adhere to. If you didn’t spend the time to double check your work and your cover letter, then you are probably not seriously interested in the position anyway. When the market is so competitive, avoid giving your potential employer an opportunity to put your application in the “No” file. Make sure your resume looks professional and the cover letter is written for the job and company you are applying to. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone else’s name in the cover letter. Double-check your letters before hitting the “Submit” button and make sure you are addressing the correct company / person.

Millennials and others looking for a job are highly encouraged to get creative with their resumes instead of sending in the boring, one page ordinary looking one. I love this video resume below for example. In a few minutes you get an idea for her relevant work experience, style and hobbies and it’s perfect for her industry. Very clever.

2. Your resume says one thing but you online presence says another. If you are a heavy user of social media and don’t know when to put the phone away, you may want to clean up your web presence first. It’s too easy to check out someone online and get a good feeling for what their life is. If you are trying to say you love the outdoors but all of your photos are from night clubs and partying, chances are your resume will end up in the “No” file without even getting a chance for an interview.

3. You don’t follow up. I have seen people get ahead in the hiring process because of their incredible follow up and I have seen people not make it to a final interview because of their lack of follow up. Following up after establishing an initial contact is incredibly important. Sending a Thank You card after an interview can make you stand out from the other 3 candidates for the job and get you to your dream job. It only takes a few minutes of your time and a thank you card, so total cost $3.00. So, why don’t you do it?

Thank you card

4. You are not qualified for the position. The relevancy of your experience to the position is important although how well your personality fits with the company culture can be just as important. But if you lacking both then moving forward with the application will be a disaster for the company and most likely for you too. If you are applying for a position that you don’t have the qualifications for, at least do your research and find out how you could benefit the company. If they love your personality, maybe they’ll find a relevant  position for you.

5. You stop coming to work. You have passed the interview and have been offered the job. You are thrilled and your parents are proud of you. But then you decide that there’s something more important in your life that needs your attention and you just decide not to show up to work anymore. Your car broke down, your girlfriend’s car broke down, your rental car broke down, your hobby job is more fun, your freelance gig pays better, your yoga training is more important at this time. You can find a reason why not committing to the job you applied in the first place makes sense to you. Just do us all a favor and don’t waste our time. Honestly, every employer has enough to do already to spend time interviewing people who are not ready to commit and don’t want the responsibilities.

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