Has your Twitter account being hacked? Here’s how to stop the spam

Has your Twitter account being hacked? Here’s how to stop the spam

All of the sudden your Twitter account gets obsessed and starts sending out DM (direct messages) messages to people in your network to take a look at pictures, lose weight or check out a link with horrible things being said about them.


If this happens to you, most likely your account has been hacked. It happened to me yesterday and it’s not pleasant. I ended up spending hours apologizing and fixing the issue. It looks like this hack is spreading as I’m seeing more and more direct messages from people that are being hacked.

The following steps will help you take care of the hack.

1. Go to Twitter.com, click on your profile page, go over to settings and change your password immediately.

2. Disconnect any suspicious third party applications that are using your Twitter account. For this, you need to click on the Applications tab showing below and click on Revoke. This is a tricky one as you never know which application was hacked. To be sure, I disconnected all of them. You will need to reconnect the ones you want and still use.

Twitter applications

3. Delete any tweets that contain the malicious link. To do so, go over to Twitter.com and hover your mouse over your tweet. Once you see the delete button, click on it.

4. Send out an apology to people and advise them not to open any suspicious links that came from you.

5. To read more about how to protect your account in the future or deal with other safety related issues, you can visit the Twitter Safety Center. To prevent your account from future hacking, ensure safe tweeting.

I hope this article helps you with cleaning your Twitter account or preventing it from being hacked in the future.

And finally, if you google twitter hack, you will find plenty of tutorials on how to do it. Please, don’t go there.

Ashton Kucher‘s, the Huffington Post‘s and other Twitter accounts with large followings were also hacked lately. Be cautious as to what links you click on and make sure you are only giving your password to trusted sources. In the meantime, Twitter is working on making their environment safer.


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  1. Suraj Nair

      |   reply

    I received many such tweets but I used to ignore such msgs as I know it is spam, but I never thought that it was coz of hacking. I presumed that it was just coz of some of my followers had clicked some link and it caused to spread the link to each and every people in his profile.

    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Thank you for your comment Suraj. If it was just spam it wouldn’t activate when you click on the link so it acts more like a hack on the account than a spam. Either way, it’s not good. Have a great day! Milena

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