Hootsuite and Instagram – A Winning Combination

Hootsuite and Instagram – A Winning Combination

Hootsuite and Instagram team up to make it easy

Social media marketers love Instagram for its high engagement element and creative flair. Yet, the mobile only app makes it difficult for social media managers to engage and schedule posts ahead of time. There are a few apps on the market that allow you to schedule ahead of time, such as Latergram.me. But the recent announcement from Hootsuite that it now integrates Instagram into the platform grabbed by interest.

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How does it work?

1. You will need a HootSuite account first.  If you don’t already have a HootSuite account you can use my discount to get 30 day free trial.

2. Next, add your Instagram as a social network to your Hootsuite dashboard. To do so, click on Add Social Network and log in with the Instagram account you want to add to your Hootsuite.

3. Make sure your mobile phone has the latest Hootsuite app installed on it. Hootsuite makes it easy by sending you a link to the latest app via a text message.

4. Set your notification settings on to get alerted when your post is ready to schedule. Although you can schedule the photo within Hootsuite, you will still need to open your Instagram app on your phone and post it from there.

5. Finally, schedule your photo and your text in Hootsuite. You can post it right away or schedule it ahead of time. Maybe you want to schedule a week full of posts on Monday or maybe just once a week you want to use the app. It’s up to you.

That’s it! Super easy.  Five easy steps to saving yourself a ton of time managing social media. The only thing you need to remember is to make sure you are posting from the correct Instagram account. Hootsuite will remind you of this, just in case you are managing multiple accounts.

What’s even better is that you can work as team and manage one Instagram account from Hootsuite without sharing passwords.

I have to say, I tested it and I like how it works. I may even be departing from Latergram.me after having used it for some time. Scheduling posts to various social channels in one place simply makes sense and as long a Hootsuite keeps it affordable, I’ll continue to use this feature.

To see a quick overview of how easy the scheduling is, watch this video from Hootsuite:



What do you think? What is your preferred method to keep your Instagram channel up to date?

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