How social media gave me ADD

How social media gave me ADD

One of the symptoms of ADD is “easily distracted”. In this age of continuous news overflow, social media added even more distractions to already high amount of information overload. Lately I’ve noticed, I have a harder time finishing one project before starting another and multitasking has become the normal. Unfortunately, I don’t think it has made me more productive. To avoid developing ADD in today’s high speed of information and communication, I suggest the following guidelines:

1.Be very selective with your social media activities. Be mindful of how much time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, Foursquare and your favorite networks. I try to check in daily but limit my time to less than an hour.

2. When working on a project, stay focused on it until you finish it. Avoid multi-tasking. You will simply get distracted and your original project won’t get finished.

3. Be selective as to what emails you read. The web presents an ocean of information and it’s so easy to spend an entire day reading the latest news. Set up a few RSS feeds to your Google reader and check them once or twice a week. Forget the rest. Unsubscribe from all emails that are not valuable to you. You only have 24 hours in a day.

4. Use technology to your advantage. The tools exist to help you manage your time wisely. Learn how to use it and leverage it to your benefit.

5. Pay attention to what’s important not what’s urgent. You can spend an entire day putting out fires and in the meantime, your important project is still sitting there, staring at you and stressing you out.

I’m keeping this post short since if you are like me you  probably have many other blog posts to read and emails to check.

I’m declaring myself free from ADD. From now on, I’ll spend my time wisely. You can too. The choice is yours.

Your turn. Do you find wasting your time browsing through hundreds of emails and RSS feeds? What do you do to manage your time wisely? Any good tips?

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