How to Experience the World Cup on Twitter

How to Experience the World Cup on Twitter

If  can’t be there for the games, but you’re watching every minute of it that you can on your phone, tablet, computer, or television screen, where do you go to show your support, send updates, or post photos of you with your face painted in your team’s colors?

The answer is easy: go to Twitter! The 2014 World Cup is in full swing (it ends July 13), and it’s not too late to get involved with sharing your support or catching up on the games. To make it easier for us to do so, Twitter’s created a way to put everything in one space so we don’t miss a single moment.  And we’re not just talking about scrolling through your newsfeed and seeing everyone’s “Ooo’s” and “ahhhs” about the games. No. Twitter has taken the next step to make us feel like we’re really there, all of us, all over the globe, and making it easy for us to get involved, connected, and supportive.

We’re talking about Twitter’s Choose Team project, where by choosing your team, you can  unlock custom profile pictures, Twitter header photos, and get real-time scores and highlights. Twitter’s put this all together in one space, where you can choose your team and get going:

Once you’ve chosen your team, you’ll be asked to connect with your Twitter account. You’ll then be able to choose from a selection of custom images to support your team in the World Cup.


After you’ve chosen your image, you’ll get what Twitter is calling the “World Cup Starter Kit,” a selection of popular tweets about your team.


From there, you’ll even be able to follow those tweeters, along with following your friends too. Once you’ve selected your choices, you get your first World Cup tweet:

(If you don’t like the tweet, you can skip it and then head over to your timeline.)

And you’re ready to go. Once you’re on your timeline, follow the hashtag #WorldCup or head over to this page, where you’re able to get the scores for the latest game, a schedule of the upcoming games (tonight at 6 p.m. GMT it’s Brazil versus Columbia), photos, videos, and more.


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