How to Start Content Marketing On a Budget

How to Start Content Marketing On a Budget

Content marketing is king on social media and companies are devoting serious money to developing content. But what if you don’t have the funds to pump out content? Here are some ways to jumpstart your content marketing without going broke in the process:

1. Start a blog on your website. WordPress is easy to add to your website. Make sure it’s on the same domain as your main website, and link your blog directly from the website’s homepage. The point of your blog is to show your expertise in your business and industry. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Interview important people in your industry.
  • Show videos and how tos of your business.
  • Answer questions that you normally get from your customers.


The cost: Low (It’s about $17 for a WordPress domain name.)

The time: 1-2 hours of your time each week to blog.


2. Hire someone to write for you. You’re busy running the business, so you don’t need to write all the content too. Hire someone to write for you! Consider places such as eLance or Craiglist or specific blogging platforms such as Scripted. Other options are oDesk and TextBroker.


The cost: A standard blog post of 350 – 450 word will run you $49. If you decide to use a freelancer, be prepared to pay anywhere between $10 – $150 per blog post. With TextBroker you will pay as little as 1.3 cents/word so for a 1000 word of high quality blog post you will pay $72.


An even cheaper solution would be to have someone on your team do the writing. Keep a calendar to keep organized.


3. Hire a content marketing company that can define your audience’s needs and create quality content that will appeal to your customers. If you can find a quality company, you can get a marketing partner on your side and stop worrying about keeping your content fresh.

Cost: It depends on the project, business and content marketing needs.


4. Create visual content for free. It’s also important to showcase your business and products visually. (Just take a look at social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram and how much they’re capitalizing on visuals.) Great free tools to create images without breaking the bank are PicMonkey (free visual site allowing you to edit images or add text) or Canva (allows you to create infographics, presentations, posters, etc.)

Cost: Your time.




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