How to use Pinterest for your travel brand

How to use Pinterest for your travel brand


Do we need any more social networks in our daily lives? We are stretched so thin trying to stay connected 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs that adding one more social network to our lives seems like a crazy idea. But I really like this one. And I think it has a big potential for travel destinations and companies. Meet Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

It’s an online pinboard where you can pin things of interest to you. You can have different boards based on your interests. For example, I have a board called Places I want to visit where I have pinned various destinations, cities and natural landmarks I want to visit one day. It’s a visual board with beautiful images. Do you see how travel destinations can benefit from this?


Who’s using Pinterest? 

Pinterest has been around for 2 years but only recently it gained a lot of traction to where it’s now ranking in the top 10 social networks. “Time magazine called Pinterest — a website where users post collections of images of their favorite food, clothes, places and everything else — one of the five best social media sites of 2011, along with Google-Plus and Klout. The company has raised $27 million in venture capital led by the firm Andreessen Horowitz, which several tech news outlets have reported as valuing Pinterest at $200 million” states this story in the USA Today on Pinterest standing out in a crowded social media space.

At this time, you still need to receive an invite to join Pinterest but if you submit a request, you will receive your invite within a day or so.

Retailers, like Real Simple, Land’s End, Nordstrom and Etsy are using Pinterest and for some of them Pinterest is driving more traffic than Facebook.


80% of Pinterest’s users are women making it a very appealing place to showcase your destination, ski resort, city, hotel accommodation.  Below are the detailed demographics from

– Largely women (a 80% to 20% ratio). So there’s some truth to Matt Buchanan’s post on Gizmodo yesterday that proclaims Pinterest as “a Tumblr for ladies”.
– Aged mainly between 25 and 44 (accounting for 55% of the group, 30% are 25-34, 25% are 35 – 44)
– Just 25% of users have a bachelors degree or higher
– The majority live off a household income of $25-75k

An attractive demographics group if you are in the travel&tourism industry.

To take advantage of Pinterest start compiling good photography that shows your spa, your destination, your ski resort, your town. People can pin photos from your website as well so having good photography on your website as always helps travelers make a decision faster.

Do you use Pinterest personally or for business? Let me know in the comments below. If you need a beginner guide to start using Pinterest, Mashable put one together. It’s very easy to use. Go on and try it.

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  1. Sam

      |   reply

    Great article. We have decided to use Pinterest solely as an adventure holiday shop window, each board categorised around the themes of the trips we aggregate on Much Better Adventures. Every picture is a trip that can be booked direct and is priced and linked. Here is our board: if you’d like to see an example of how Pinterest can work very well for the travel industry. – Sam

  2. Veronika Tirpakova

      |   reply

    Great and helpful blog! I use Pinterest to demonstrate our passion and love for Cuba, which is our only destination. We have just started but I can feel it will bring additional traffic to our website.
    Did you increased traffic from Pinterest for your website/blog?

    Our Pinterest:

    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Hi Veronika,

      I’ve seen good traffic from Pinterest. It’s a very engaging platform and one that makes sense for certain brands. It works really well for travel destinations so I’m sure you’ll see success with it. Good luck and thank you very much for your comment! Milena

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